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Shropshire Council has joined councils around the country, including Telford and Wrekin, in offering a council tax holiday for households whose cash flow is suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak. The deal is that you can delay council tax payments due on 1 April 2020 to 1 June 2020. At that point you can either pay the entire bill or the usual ten months of payments. If you already have payments spread over twelve months, this scheme will make no difference to you.

Council tax – where your money goes

As I reported yesterday, council tax for Ludlow residents will increase by 4.3%. A Band D property will pay £1,945.34. But where does this money go? Fire and Rescue receives £102.25, West Mercia Police £225.20 and Ludlow Town Council £174.27. That leaves £1443.62 for Shropshire Council. The only available detailed breakdown for where this money goes is from last year’s account. This article is therefore based on 2019/20 council tax using data for Band D properties. Half of your council tax bill, £805.12, last year went to adult and children’s services, mostly social care. Waste and recycling services cost you £188.01. Council operating costs were £285.89.

Shropshire Council on Thursday unanimously agreed a 3.99% increase in council tax. This is made up of a 2% dedicated increase for adult social care and a 1.99% increase for general spending such as highways. This will take the Band D charge for 2020/21 to £1,443.62. To this must be added £102.25 for fire, £225.20 for police and £174.27 for Ludlow Town Council. This will take the total council tax for a Band D property in Ludlow to £1,945.34, an increase of 4.3% over last year. Ludford residents will pay £149.60 less than Ludlow residents, even though they rely on Ludlow for services. A Shropshire Council review that begins in 2021 will review this.

Council tax to rise overall by 4.2% for Ludlow residents from April

Next Thursday, Shropshire Council will vote to raise council tax by 3.99%, the maximum allowed without holding a referendum. This will take the payment for a Band D property to £1,388.23. There will be a rise of nearly 10% in the police precept and 4% in the fire precept. Most parish and town council precepts will rise, though not in Ludlow where the precept has risen by 48% since April 2017. Overall, Ludlow residents will see their combined council tax and precept bill rise by 4.2%.

Council tax bills set to rise next year as everyone passes the buck on who funds services

We don’t yet know how much council tax will rise next year. That will be decided in February but we have some early clues. Shropshire Council’s financial plan assumes a rise of 3.99%, though it may be tempted to take advantage of a government offer made just before Christmas to add an extra 1% to the bill. The Police and Crime Commissioner is proposing an increase of 4%, though the government has since said he would be allowed to raise half as much again. The Fire Service and Ludlow Town Council have yet to declare their plans.

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