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Ludlow Town Council at last applies to upgrade CCTV in the town centre

The CCTV system in Ludlow’s town centre has long needed an upgrade. Dating back to 2003, the current cameras are low resolution. Faces cannot be recognised on the recordings. Discussions have been underway for a while about replacement cameras. Now Ludlow Town Council is ready to go ahead. First, the scheme needs planning permission and an application has now been lodged with Shropshire Council (19/04207/FUL). This is a like for like replacement meaning there will be no impact on the town centre’s historic landscape. Ludlow town centre is a low crime area compared to the centres of Shrewsbury and Oswestry. But it is not crime free. Last May, 42 crimes in the town centre were reported to the police. Fifteen of these were classed as “violence or sexual offences”. An upgrade of the town centre’s CCTV is overdue and welcome. It will help keep Ludlow a low crime town.

Trends in local crime: Clun is one of the quietest places under the sun and Oswestry is the county’s crime hotspot

Recent press headlines screamed that some crime is rising nationally, especially violent crime. What is the situation in our neighbourhood and county? We are overall a low crime county. But we have hotspots. Ludlow is mid-ranking on the crime scale with the northern towns experiencing higher crime rates, especially in their central districts. Deeply rural towns like Church Stretton and Clun are so much quieter. Reported crime is increasing at half the rate in Ludlow compared to Shropshire as a whole, and at just a quarter of the national rate. Any level crime is unwelcome and there are some troublesome hotspots around the county. But overall, Ludlow and Shropshire remain safe places to live.

Yet another burglary in our town – we have a 44% higher burglary rate than the rest of Shropshire

The night before last, Busybodies Childcare Centre next to the police station in Lower Galdeford was broken into. Fortunately, nothing was stolen though a door was badly damaged. The police response, when the crime was reported this morning, was swift. An officer came from Kidderminster and scene of crime officers were also dispatched to the site. It is always bad when a crime occurs. People feel violated and less confident. Along with businesses, they are also hit in the pocket. It is a shame then, that Ludlow has a higher rate of crime per head than the rest of Shropshire.

West Mercia police, Ludlow and Clee unitary councillors, along with Ludlow and Shropshire Councils, are launching a new initiative to tackle low-level crime across the Ludlow area. The Safer Ludlow project also aims to help people feel safer in their homes and when they are out and about in the town. The project will also encourage local businesses to improve their security. Councillors will meet weekly with council officials and police officers to discuss any issues with crime and antisocial behaviour around the town. Other agencies, including housing associations and health services, will join the team when their expertise and knowledge is needed.

Shropshire councillors are to unite in condemning hate crime at the next council meeting on 21 July. The four political leaders have drawn up a joint motion that will be debated at the meeting. It has been extensively discussed by councillors and I am confident it will get unanimous approval. The motion is timely. Ludlow is a tolerant and friendly town. But on Thursday, we had an incident of racial hate crime. A couple were visiting our town as part of a tour of the nice places in this part of the world. I am not going to give details, which I will pass on to the police, but they were subject to a comment along the lines of “people like you are not welcome here”.

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