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Two in five Ludlow people will be aged 65 or over by 2039. Are we glad to be grey?

The prospect of 40 new retirement apartments at Stone House has caused some consternation. Several people have commented that we should be concentrating on homes for young people, not increasing the retired population in the town. I have commented on this in a recent post. We know that Ludlow’s population is older than average but what are the trends? Over the last decade, Ludlow has become older at a slightly faster rate than Shropshire as a whole and at a much faster rate than all of England. New projections from the Office of National Statistics suggest that one-third of Shropshire residents will be aged 65 or over by 2039.[1] In some areas of Ludlow, more than a third of the population is already of this age. If current trends continue, 40% of Ludlow will be elderly by 2039. The big question is does this matter? Should our town and county grow old gracefully or should we develop policies to encourage younger people to live and work here?

Plans resubmitted for 20 retirement dwellings at Elm Lodge, Ludlow

Last November, Shropshire planning officers rejected outline plans for 20 retirement dwellings on the goods yard at Elm Lodge, Fishmore Road (14/00884/OUT). Now, the unchanged plans have been resubmitted with the applicants hoping for approval this time (15/01027/OUT). The scheme This is an outline application so we don’t know the full details of the development. The application is only to establish the principle of a retirement settlement on this site and the road access. If the application is successful, a full application will determine the details of the scheme.

Bus Users Shropshire held a very successful meeting yesterday in Bridgnorth. Around forty people attended, many drawn from villages where the bus service is now minimal or non-existent. The meeting highlighted the substantial problems rural dwellers have faced since the withdrawal of the Shropshire Link service. We were reminded that prior to September 2008 the 141 Ludlow to Bridgnorth service ran four return trips a day. The 141 was one of the major casualties of Link. It now runs just once a day, allowing just 36 minutes in Bridgnorth before returning to Ludlow (1). And it no longer serves Ditton Priors. Several people from Ditton Priors attended the meeting. Since the cancellation of Link, the village is now only served by the pre-booked Bridgnorth Community Bus service. A young mother told the meeting that her children could no longer take part in school activities. Although she had received cancer-related medical issues, she was skipping on treatment because of the difficulties of travelling. She complained that community transport could not quote for the costs of trips because that depends on where the driver started out from. I told the meeting that restoration of a 141 service of at least two round…

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