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Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre comes to a post pandemic end

Of all the festivals in Ludlow – and we are a festival town – I enjoy the Medieval Christmas Fayre more than the food festivals. The Medieval Christmas Fayre is gentle silliness. Singing in tents. A laugh a minute even if at times it could be a muddy puddle a minute, And of course, good local beer and cider. We still have a host of festivals. The spring and autumn food festivals. The Fringe. Arts festivals. But I will so miss the Medieval Christmas Fayre. Here is the statement from Dakin Events, Prue and Abi, issued earlier today. We wish them well and thank them for their hard work in making the Fayre successful before the pandemic and Storm Arwen. I for one will mourn the end of one of Ludlow’s best festivals.

Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Ludlow 15 October – come early and expect delays getting into and across the town centre

Justin Welby will be visiting Ludlow and holding a gathering St Laurence’s church on Tuesday 15 October. A road closure notice has been put in place at short notice for King Street between 9.15am and 10.30am. The closure could be in place for longer if necessary for public safety. Town workers should arrive early as the Broadgate is also scheduled to be closed that day (though I have asked for that to be lifted). Hundreds of cars are expected so there may be traffic jams, along with crowded park and ride buses.

Waste dumped on Castle Street car park – some is identifiable, I have collected evidence and requested a prosecution

Fly-tipping is increasing everywhere. In our county it will not be helped by the closure of recycling bring banks. We have several incidents in Ludlow in recent weeks. By far the worst is also by far the most shocking. A pile of stinking rubbish and packaging has been dumped in the Castle Street car park. Food waste. Plastic bottles. Cartons. But also packaging for items sent through the Royal Mail and courier services. These identify the culprits and I have asked Shropshire Council to consider a prosecution. The real shock is that some of this material is addressed to people who I thought were responsible and working in the best interests of Ludlow. Fly-tipping is utterly irresponsible and if the council decides to act the perpetrators could face substantial fines, even a spell at Her Majesty’s Pleasure (though that is very unlikely). We are a beautiful town. Our car parks might not be as beautiful as the historic streets but they should be clean and tidy, not piled up high with debris. People who say they are promoting our town seem to be desecrating it.

Shropshire Council advice on organising street parties is confused but it’s really all very simple

If there is one thing that Ludlow does well, its organising a party. But the rules for organising in our county a street party are somewhat confused. I’m trying to get them clarified and have issued a simplified application form in the meantime. I know a number of people are thinking of organising a street party, either in this glorious summer (!) or for HM Queen’s 90th birthday on Sunday 12 June next year.

Update 2 December In the main article below I say: “Four years ago, 32 skips of waste left the castle on the Monday after the festival, all heading for landfill. This Monday, there will be two skips max heading towards landfill.” This is wrong. It’s much better than that: Thanks again to Cwm Harry Zero Waste and everyone involved in the festival. Main article It’s been a brilliant, lively and fun weekend here in Ludlow.

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