If it moves charge it. If it stops still, charge it. That is rapidly becoming the motto of Shropshire Council as it struggles to balance its budget.

The latest charging policy to be discussed next week, is to charge for temporary road closures not requested by utilities and, more rarely, builders. The proposed charges for Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) range from £40 to £1,480. A charge of £40 will be for non-commercial events with less than 100 people, including Remembrance parades.

Charging for commemorating those that have died to support our freedom is to put it bluntly, disgraceful. It shows that the council has lost any sense of moral purpose and that it is more interested in earning money than paying respect. And it is mean spirited. Charging for Remembrance events will only raise £1,400 year.

The charging policy is expected to raise £30,000, with applications from Town & Parish councils contributing approximately £12,000. Shropshire Council has already assumed a £25,000 income in its budget from 2023/24 onwards.

The Place Overview Committee in June recommended that not for profit organisations should not be charged, but the charging structure being presented to cabinet on 18 January proposes charges of between £40 and £590 pounds for a closure for a non-commercial event. Town and parish councils will be charged £100 or £295. Commercial events will be charged between 3145 and £1,480.

Proposed charges

For comparison, utilities requiring a TTRO are charged £1,650.00 for each application. If the cabinet approves the charging scheme, in whole or in part, it will be subject to public consultation.

All events organised by registered charities for the sole purpose of generating income for the charity will be at no cost.

Shropshire Council provided a list of events for which it has issued TTROs before. In Ludlow:

  • Storm the Castle
  • May Fair
  • Ludlow Fringe Festival (Eco Carnival)
  • Ludlow 10k
  • Ludlow Food Festival
  • Christmas lights installation
  • Armistice Day Service
  • Remembrance Day Parade
  • Winter Festival.

2 thought on “Shropshire Council set to charge £100s for street events”
  1. As above so below. Shropshire Council mimics its Masters in Westminster in the ‘Let’s bring Misery’ front. Charges such as these could cripple every fun event in Ludlow. May Fair and the recently reinstated Carnival
    Instead they should be demanding that government reinstate proper Council Funding after their decade of draconian cuts.
    Oh yes and cancelling the NW Shrewsbury By Pass Money Pit. That’ll save many millions of our tax money.

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