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Covid Watch 31: We all need exercise – farmers must not illegally close footpaths during the national emergency

Many of us are getting a bit stir crazy. Pinned down to our homes and our gardens, when we have a garden. Allowed out for essentials like shopping and medical appointments. And our single permitted daily walk. We benefit in Ludlow from good access to the countryside. We can stroll past pleasant gardens into green and leafy fields and woods. One of our well walked routes heads out of town along Burway and across the fields towards Bromfield, where sadly the café and The Clive are closed for the duration. It’s a great route and you can return via Oakley Park to The Cliffe or cut across the fields east of the A49 to return via Elm Lodge and Fishmore Road. But now this route is blocked at Burway farm. Signs say: “Sorry. Footpath closed due to coronavirus. Thank you.” Polite but illegal. I have asked Shropshire Council to get the signs removed and the right of way reopened.

I found a bridleway blocked by barbed wire – what to do if you find an obstructed path

Yesterday, I encountered a single strand of green wire, strung across a right of way near Steventon, on the outskirts of Ludlow. I immediately reported this to Shropshire Council, which is responsible for ensuring that landowners maintain rights of way. I also filed a report with West Mercia Police. It is a criminal offence to block a right of way but I was more concerned that this was incredibly dangerous. Below, I give detail of this blockage and how you can report similar obstructions.

Footpath diversion proposed as Foldgate Lane housing development picks up pace

The developers behind plans for 137 houses off Foldgate Lane have applied to divert the footpath that current leads to the site from Steventon Road, across the railway. The right of way will be diverted to follow the rail line from the railway bridge on Foldgate Lane. Heading south, it crosses a new footbridge and swings east before returning to the rail line. The new route then heads south east again to join the Tinkers Hill road close to the road bridge over the A49. This curious route makes sense when it is superimposed on the development plan for the site.

Good news on footpaths on east edge of Ludlow

I take my hat off to Shropshire Council’s Outdoor Recreation Team for some excellent repairs to footpaths that cross the A49, Ludlow’s bypass. Back in July, Tracey Huffer and I joined council planners and a footpath officer to discuss retaining an informal footpath through the proposed housing development off Cold West Drive. At that site meeting the developer agreed to establish a right of way across the site and I am pleased to say that this has now been agreed formally. Once the legal niceties are complete, planning permission will be issued incorporating the right of way. This footpath will link Parys Road with Downton View and the Rocks Green roundabout, saving a lengthy diversion for walkers.

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