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Council officers have approved a plan for two homes on Friars Walk. This scheme has been controversial from the outset. The town council objected, as did several residents. I objected and three times asked for the scheme to be called in to the South Planning Committee. All requests were refused. I was so angry I complained. I was due to meet council leader Peter Nutting at 9.30am yesterday morning to discuss the matter. That meeting was postponed for a week after the planning committee chair could not attend for perfectly acceptable personal reasons. Yesterday lunchtime, officers approved the scheme, something they seem to have been determined to do since the beginning of the year. I am furious about this.

Utterly crazy construction management plan for building two houses on Friars Walk

Developer West Ella Holdings is proposing to build two semi-detached houses on a former garden plot on Friars Walk (16/05602/FUL). This site is almost impossible to access for building traffic. The construction management plan published earlier this week proves this to be the case. Should the scheme be approved, residents of Friars Garden will face being disturbed by deliveries to the site from 7.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Saturday. The contractor is also proposing an option to deliver on Sundays, “if the Site Agent considers it necessary.” This construction plan cannot be delivered. But that is why it has an escape clause. Delivering materials from Old Street under the arch. That’s not safe and the whole plan is utterly crazy.

Planning officers seek construction access to Friars Walk development through St Laurence’s School – updated

Last week, I said the two houses proposed on Friars Walk will be almost impossible to build without considerable disruption to the community. South Planning Committee documents released on Thurday show that Shropshire Council is considering delivering materials to the site and removing waste through St Laurence’s CoE School. If this astonishing idea is adopted, deliveries of materials and removal of waste will need to take place out of school hours, creating considerable disruption to residents of Jockey Field.

Friar’s Walk housing plans may be too disruptive to be built

In December, developers submitted plans for a pair of semidetached houses on Friars Walk. I am not against this scheme in principle. But I don’t think it can be constructed without considerable disturbance of residents. It may well be that the level of disruption is so high that this scheme should not be built. I have asked for a construction management plan for this site but it has not been produced. For this reason, I have formally objected to this scheme.

Two new houses proposed for Friars Walk, Ludlow

West Ella Holdings has applied to build a pair of semi-detached houses on Friars Walk, between St Laurence’s School and the Bishop Mascall Centre (16/05602/FUL). The houses will have pedestrian access only, with no car parking provided. Shropshire Council’s heritage team are insisting that archaeological investigations take place before the development is granted planning permission.

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