West Ella Holdings has applied to build a pair of semi-detached houses on Friars Walk, between St Laurence’s School and the Bishop Mascall Centre (16/05602/FUL).

The houses will have pedestrian access only, with no car parking provided. Shropshire Council’s heritage team are insisting that archaeological investigations take place before the development is granted planning permission.

In its pre-application advice, Shropshire Council’s conservation team has suggested that only one house be built on this site.

I am not sure what to think of this one. Generally, I am in favour of a degree of backland development in the town centre. People living here will not need cars but they are very likely to have them. That means more cars parked in the limited spaces on our streets but another two or three cars won’t make a huge difference to current parking problems.

I can’t really see any reason for turning this down. Let me know your views.

4 thought on “Two new houses proposed for Friars Walk, Ludlow”
  1. Dear Andy – I usually agree with you in all things, but if there’s one thing a person needs to live here, it’s a car. I suppose, if they were a hermit…

    1. In 2011, one quarter of Ludlow households did not have a car or van. So, there are already a lot of hermits here in Ludlow. Me included 🙂

      It’s often stated by people concerned about developments that every home has two or more cars. Just one quarter of Ludlow households own two or more cars.

      This shows that we have a sustainable town that is not overly reliant on car ownership.

      1. Or perhaps we have a poor town where people simply can’t afford two or even one car is a way to look at it . We would all do well to remember that we have a food bank for our poorest .An absolutely shameful state of affairs in a wealthy country like ours. Parts of Ludlow are the most deprived in the South Of The county .

  2. I live in Broad Street and have done for 13 years. We have one car and, especially since Angel Mews was inexplicably allowed to be built with no car parking (who thought that was a good idea), it is increasingly difficult to park. At least 50% of the time I have to drive round the block a couple of times and end up parking in Mill Street. Oriel House and the ex-Jmaes’ the tailore will be occupied soon so I would say that the situation is at crisis point. That is from a resident’s point of view but, if I were a retailer, I would find the increasing demand from householders on the limited number of spaces, yet another difficulty. If you lived out of Ludlow and wanted just a couple of items you just would not come into Ludlow as parking is too difficult.

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