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Plans for two large houses on the Linney, Ludlow refused

The plans for two large executive-style homes on the Linney have been thrown out by Shropshire Council planning officers. This is a precious green space that provides a beautiful view from the Linney towards the Bringewood. It is right that these houses have been rejected. We have no need for more large homes in Ludlow. There are plenty of other places to build and what we need most is smaller homes for young people and families.

New developments on Linney housing schemes lack information

There have been two developments on planning applications for housing on the Linney in Ludlow Conservation Area. One application for three houses has been approved, though there is little expectation these houses will be built rather than a further application submitted. I have never seen an application approved when the developer says it doesn’t want the scheme to be built. A second adjacent application for two homes has been substantially revised. Neither application will deliver or pay a contribution towards the affordable housing this town desperately needs.

New images for large houses on Linney do not remove my objections to this scheme, which breaches local plan rules

Developer McCartney has published photomontages of two houses it wants to build on the last green space at the bottom of the Linney (14/04328/FUL). There have been three major objections to this scheme since its inception: 1) It removes the last green space in the Linney. 2) It damages important views towards Bringewood Chase. 3) The site lies outside Ludlow’s development boundary as defined in SAMDev. The developer says it wants the new buildings to “make a positive contribution to the areas character and appearance.” It pledges to “protect and enhance a primary view-point within the Linney townscape of unspoilt rural landscape.”

Plans for housing revised to ‘preserve important vista’ from Linney – updated

Update: 25 January 2015 I have renewed my objection to this scheme. I am opposed to the development in principle. It will damage Ludlow’s conservation area and block important views. Update: 5 August 2015 I have renewed by objection to this development. I do not believe there are any grounds for approving a development that is formally in the open countryside, at risk of flooding and damages a conservations area. Here is my statement. Main article: 25 July 2015 New designs have been drawn up for controversial plans to build two houses on the last remaining green field on the Linney, adjacent to Linney House (14/04328/FUL). The developers, McCartneys, have brought in a new architect who has drawn up radically different plans. The new layout for the houses now partially preserves the view from the Linney towards the meadows of the Teme and across to Mortimer Forest. The houses have been turned around. They no longer face the Linney, they face each other. The gap between them has been widened as a result opening up more of a vista westwards. The houses are larger, but their design is much improved.

A planning application has been submitted for two detached houses on the Linney (14/04328/FUL). These will fill the last green gap along the Linney beside Castle Grange. Comments should be submitted by 7 November. Applicants Les Stephan Planning say: The design of the two dwellings has been determined by reference to the characteristics of The Linney, the visual quality of the existing dwellings along it (particularly the recently constructed dwellings, West View and Castle Grange) and the need to be mindful of the setting of the site to the north of Ludlow Castle within the Ludlow Conservation Area.

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