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Debate in Ludlow has paved the way forward for Ludford Bridge – including no ban on HGVs

Last Thursday, our area committee met to discuss the closure of Ludford Bridge earlier in the year. The bridge had been closed for more than ten weeks after being hit by a reversing truck. The closure damaged trade in the town and, at times, strained relations between Shropshire Council and local parish and council representatives. The main conclusion of the Ludlow and Clee Local Joint Committee (LJC) was that we should be prepared for the future closure of any of the four main routes into town – either by planned works or by an emergency. The meeting could also see no case for banning HGVs from crossing the bridge.

The recent closure of Ludford Bridge, the main access route into Ludlow from the south, caused disruption for residents, visitors and businesses. On 30 June, we will be holding a special meeting of Shropshire Council’s area committee, the Ludlow and Clee Local Joint Committee (LJC). The evening will be devoted to a discussion of the recent closure, the repairs to the historic fabric and how we should protect the bridge in the future. Highways officers will be on hand to discuss the problems the town faced when the bridge closed. Heritage experts will answer questions about the repairs, including why they look so new. The main agenda of the evening will look towards the future. Should we close the bridge to HGVs? Where will heavy traffic go if we do? How do we redirect traffic and keep people informed the next time the bridge is closed?

Ludford Bridge reopens – be prepared for the shock of the new

The great news is that Ludford Bridge reopened at 4pm this afternoon, 6 May – a full week ahead of Shropshire Council’s most recent predictions. Even better news, is that this is a first class repair expertly supervised by mason Paul Arrowsmith. The stonework does look rather new, pretty much as the bridge might have looked after it was restored in 1886. Check out the photos below to see what I mean. Some people think the new stonework is awful. I disagree.

I’m not superstitious, so I don’t think that Friday the 13th is bad luck. Anyway, it the latest predicted date for the reopening of Ludford Bridge after it was hit by a reversing tarmac truck nearly ten weeks ago. Work is in progress to complete the stonework up to the parapet. This should be complete by Friday. Coping stones will then need to be laid. These will be prepared over the May bank holiday weekend. The expectation is that the scaffolding will be removed Tuesday to Thursday next week (3-5 May). The coping stones will be laid during the next two days.

Today Shropshire Council made the wrong decision. I fear it will damage trade in Ludlow over the next week. This is Mayfair week. It is the greatest spectacle in town. I love the arrival of the rides on Wednesday afternoon and evening. For the biggest rides, it takes a good while to get through the chicane between the historic Buttercross and Bodenhams. People line the streets to watch.  The fair brings excitement and life to the town and attracts thousands of visitors. The problem we face this year is that Ludford Bridge will be closed.

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