Today Shropshire Council made the wrong decision. I fear it will damage trade in Ludlow over the next week.

This is Mayfair week. It is the greatest spectacle in town. I love the arrival of the rides on Wednesday afternoon and evening. For the biggest rides, it takes a good while to get through the chicane between the historic Buttercross and Bodenhams. People line the streets to watch.  The fair brings excitement and life to the town and attracts thousands of visitors.

The problem we face this year is that Ludford Bridge will be closed.

We only heard on Friday that work on the bridge would not be completed in time for this bank holiday weekend. I asked for the bridge to be reopened for the fair but council officers have decided that they want to save money. They are saving that money at the expense of Ludlow’s trade.

Over Easter, we experienced gridlock in Ludlow with Ludford bridge closed. The buses were so delayed by congestion that the park and ride was at times reduced to one bus an hour.

The May bank holiday is one of the busiest weekends in the year in Ludlow. We are likely to see a big increase in traffic. Roads in the town centre will be closed for the fair. We need Ludford Bridge open to ensure a clear flow of vehicles.

To open the bridge for the weekend would require the scaffolding to be removed and put back. That would cost between £10K and £15K. This is cost that should be borne by the insurers of the driver that damaged the bridge. But Shropshire Council seems not to be in discussion with the insurers on the eventual bill. It is just guessing that the insurer will not pay up. There is no loss adjustment going on here. Above all, no one is considering the loss of business to local traders. If we can’t get people into this town, then we can’t trade.

I am really rather angry that yet again, Shropshire Council puts its budget first and Ludlow businesses second.

Ludford Bridge has been closed for two months. That’s far too long.

See latest update.

4 thought on “Ludford Bridge will not reopen for May bank holiday as Shropshire Council refuses to pay up”
  1. It’s unfortunate that the required amount of £10,000 – £15,000 is roughly the amount wasted investigating Mr Barrow. I say wasted, because the man is still at large, free to roam the streets.

  2. Keith Barrow was worth every penny. Opening the bridge for just two days is definitely not worth £15000.

  3. I agree with respect to the 15K Adrian. Localism vs big picture. That 15k is better spent keeping a library somewhere open. Why would the loss adjusters pay for it. The repair needs to be done the most economical way. End of

  4. Bollocks our town of Ludlow has been bled dry …. The town walls are still fallen down the main route into the heart of the town is closed for months . If a local asset has not been closed it has been sold . WE DEMAND our fair level of funding WE PAY TAX TOO …

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