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Costa Coffee to return to Ludlow at Rocks Green

Costa Coffee closed its King Street shop in May 2023. Now it is coming back to Ludlow, this time on the outskirts of the town. The planning application for the new site at Rocks Green will be submitted towards the end of February. We are releasing this news ahead of time because the proposal has been leaked. The new Costa Coffee will be on the vacant plot next to Sainsbury’s. This was once destined to be petrol filling station but fuel retailers weren’t interested in the location, the town already having two petrol stations, with others not far away at Woofferton and Craven Arms. The site is being promoted by Blackfriars Property, which is working with WSP on the designs. Blackfriars says the site is unsuitable for a takeaway such as KFC. The unit will be too small. The plot is also next to a residential area and drive through […]

Ludford Question looks likely to be answered with Ludlow Town Council expansion

The Ludford Question. Should Ludlow Town Council area be extended into Ludford parish to encompass the new developments and existing housing east of the A49 bypass, along with the Foldgate Lane development? The answer is yes from Ludlow Town Council. Ludford Parish Council’s position has not been announced but it is thought that Ludford is supportive providing the historic area of Ludford village and Whitcliffe is retained at Ludford Parish. Shropshire Council’s consultation is now closed. We will know the final position of both councils and other respondents when the results of the consultation is published. The proposals are bound to prove controversial, as it would mean an increase in parish precept for houses transferred from Ludford to Ludlow. However, it is unfair that some residents of Ludlow pay a lower precept just because they live in another parish. A new Sheet Parish will stretch from the A4117 at Rocks […]

M&S Food store approved for outskirts of Ludlow

Shropshire Council’s Southern Planning Committee this afternoon approved the application for a foodstore off Sheet Road outside the A49 bypass. There were concerns about the impact the store will have on the town centre. Committee members were more concerned about the safety of pedestrians crossing Sheet Road between the Eco Park bus stops, Ledwyche Rise and the M&S site. There was a motion to delay a decision until the committee had more information on what improvements could be made to the current plans for Sheet Road but that was defeated on a majority vote. The committee went on to approve the application and delegate to officers resolving the issues on Sheet Road.

Ludlow Retail Health: Will M&S Food kill off Sainsbury’s?

The takeaway from this article is that Sainsbury’s hasn’t taken off in Ludlow. It is only trading at 60% of the company benchmark for that size of store. M&S Food will be a head to head competitor. If M&S opens, Sainsbury’s will lose more trade. If the analysts are correct, it will then be trading at just 55% of the company benchmark. The planning system supports competition. If one supermarket leads to closure of another, that is of no concern to planners. Sainsbury’s might not close but in the current retail environment any business that is not hitting high fives is at risk of shutting its doors permanently. These are tough times in the retail sector. I’ll write on any potential impact of M&S Food on the town centre in future article.

National Highways put the brake on M&S Food store application

National Highways, the body that owns the major routes across England including the A49, has said that a decision on planning permission for the proposed M&S Food store alongside the A49 should be delayed by at least three months (22/05682/FUL). The objection is a legal brake on the development plans, which cannot progress until National Highways’ concerns are addressed. The objections are on technical matters not to the principal of the development. Experience with other sites, such as Sainsbury’s and Foldgate Lane, shows developers find it challenging to meet National Highways’ demands. National Highways can renew its objection after three months if it is not satisfied with responses. I am not surprised by the need for this objection. Berrys, on behalf of Avenbury Properties 2021, submitted a cheap as chips planning application which ignored advice given by council planners and highways team and used out of date retail impact assessments […]

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