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Emergency shuttle bus between Ludlow and Cleobury Mortimer today

Last night, I published notice of the cancellation of Ludlow to Kidderminster bus services from 9.30am to mid-afternoon today. I have been trying to get an emergency timetable in place for much of the week to prevent Cleobury Mortimer and Clee being cut off. At 9:23am this morning, Shropshire Council emailed me a schedule for a shuttle bus from Ludlow to Cleobury Mortimer. This is such short notice, I don’t know whether it will get any passengers. For example, the morning buses from Cleobury Mortimer to Ludlow are at 8:56am and 10:56am. But the replacement bus is 10:04am. Make of it what you will. I must rush to a meeting. On a bus about buses!

The 292 bus service between Ludlow and Kidderminster will be suspended from 9:30am to 3:30pm tomorrow. This is because the operator, Diamond Bus cannot cope with a 2.2 mile diversion along a very decent ‘B’ road. It is also because the councils that fund the route are prepared to pay a heft subsidy for its operation without exercising any control over how it is operated. Pathetic. Neither Shropshire Council nor Worcestershire Council have issued any information saying buses will not run. Neither has Diamond. Pathetic.

Ludlow to Kidderminster 292 bus service suspended for much of Friday – unnecessarily

The A4117 will be closed at Far Forest between Cleobury Mortimer and Bewdley this coming Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm. This is for emergency road repairs. That’s fine because the repairs are needed. What is not fine is the suspension of the 292 bus service between Ludlow and Kidderminster from 9:30am to 3:30pm. Council transport officers said yesterday: “During the closure the service won’t be able to operate due to the unsuitability of the diversion for the bus.” Rubbish. The advertised diversion is perfectly suitable for the Optare buses that run along the route.

Worcestershire and Shropshire Councils have confirmed this morning that Diamond Bus will replace R&B Travel on the 292 service between Ludlow and Kidderminster. The timetable will remain the same from the takeover date of 5 January but could be changed. Shropshire Council is to call a meeting early in January to look at adjustments to the timetable. At present it is too tight, allowing only 58 minutes between the two towns. In bus, that’s hard to achieve with a fair wind behind the bus. But this is a 30-mile route over Clee, where the weather can be bad. Then there are roadworks and the traffic jams into Kidderminster. It is most demanding route in our county. The haul up and down the Clee can wreck the buses. Most buses are designed to run under the stop-start regime of urban centres. Buses like the Optare that operate in Ludlow are not suited to such a big haul. One transport specialist said trying to use a town bus for this route is like trying to drive a city car from Lands End to John O’Groats. Shropshire Council is calling a meeting of councillors and others to discuss details and adjustments of timetable…

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I have received a lot of calls, emails and messages about the future of the 292 service between Ludlow and Kidderminster. R&B Travel has surrendered its licence to the Traffic Commissioner after its directors faced a public inquiry over repeated failings. The contract for the route is let by Worcestershire County Council with Shropshire Council contributing part of the subsidy. We understand that final details of the contract and timetable from 5 January are being finalised. I expect details to be available by the end of the week. Until 4 January, it is expected that the current R&B operation will operate as usual.

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