I have received a lot of calls, emails and messages about the future of the 292 service between Ludlow and Kidderminster. R&B Travel has surrendered its licence to the Traffic Commissioner after its directors faced a public inquiry over repeated failings. The contract for the route is let by Worcestershire County Council with Shropshire Council contributing part of the subsidy. We understand that final details of the contract and timetable from 5 January are being finalised. I expect details to be available by the end of the week. Until 4 January, it is expected that the current R&B operation will operate as usual.

3 thought on “Announcement on future of Ludlow Kidderminster bus service due this week”
  1. Good morning Andy,
    Thank you for keeeping us updated on issues affecting Ludlow and especially the 292 bus service.
    My wife and I rely on the 292 service to and from Kidderminster as I am no longer able to drive.

  2. Thanks again Andy…this is a vital service and we are desperately hoping that a reputable bus company takes on this route so as to rebuild confidence of passengers who are currently being treated badly. Last report was from a friend who waited 50 minutes at Clee Hill for a bus into Ludlow. He’ll not put up with this again.

    Bus Users Shropshire will do its best to get behind this service if a good operator steps in. We appreciate that you are doing all you can to seek a positive solution.

  3. As mentioned previously how about a community bus service run and funds raised by local people

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