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Why are these homes empty asks Tracey Huffer?

Nine homes remain empty in a new development off Cold West Drive. The four-bedroom homes have been empty since August 2019 and there is no sign of them being sold and occupied any time soon. Tracey Huffer Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East said: “I am utterly appalled that we have had nine new homes in Ludlow standing empty for nearly three years. There have been extraordinary delays at Shropshire Council and I don’t know why the council has not taken up the offer of an indemnity in case of a claim by any owner of the small strip of land which is holding up selling the houses. The houses are ready for sale. People want to buy them. One potential buyer has already had to pull out losing their deposit. “This is a disgrace when we have a housing shortage of all types in Ludlow.” Development of this site has long been troubled. The site was originally acquired for the A49 bypass and sold off when it was no longer needed. The original planning permission in 2001 was for five dwellings. In 2005, approval was granted for ten dwellings with the detailed planning permission signed off in 2008. In 2011,…

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Tories chuck inquiry into ambulance crisis into the long grass

The inquiry will never happen now. A motion for an inquiry into the current ambulance crisis was kicked into touch today by Shropshire Council Conservatives. A wrecking amendment was presented by Dean Carrol, he is the Conservatives’ chief attacker of everything from the opposition even though he does not have the health remit. The amendment was backed by council leader Lezley Picton who seems to live in different bubble to the rest of us believing everything is being done while nothing much is being done. This was an occasion when Shropshire Council could have shown leadership across the community at a time of crisis in our health services. Instead, the Tory leaders whinged and bleated. Tory councillors voted like sheep – they are told how to vote at council and are punished if they disobey. The result is that the only body that can lead the inquiry we urgently need has abdicated responsibility. No. It’s worse than that. It has abdicated leadership. This is a Conservative council that administrates. Writes policies that are like cotton wool. Dreams of reconstructing Shrewsbury town centre and building grand new roads. But it can’t cope with the crisis of our times. Health. As exemplified…

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Petition on Ludlow Ambulance hub receives unanimous support from Shropshire Councillors

On Thursday, Shropshire Council debated a petition from Ludlow resident Darren Childs. The petition requests that the Council support our campaign in returning an ambulance hub back in Ludlow, South Shropshire or the return of local rapid response vehicles who can be on call or based at local areas like Ludlow hospital, GP surgery, fire station, to attend until an ambulance arrives. Councillors debated the petition for longer than the allocated time of 15 minutes and concluded by unanimously supporting it. Key points made by councillors during the discussion were: All the rural ambulance hubs should be reinstated Scrutiny had failed to address the problem and even had failed to meet A select committee should be set up by the council to review the ambulance crisis Ambulance performance should be measured by postcode The council should declare that it has no confidence in the management of the local NHS. A full transcript of the debate is below.

Big Bang Shrewsbury redevelopment plans are too risky – the council should move to the Guildhall

It is the stuff of dreams. It is also the stuff of nightmares. A radical redevelopment of Shrewsbury town centre between Pride Hill and the River Severn is expected to cost at least £77 million. Most of this money could come from loans expected to cost council taxpayers around £4m a year. The scheme will involve the sale of Shirehall and a construction of a new civic centre on Raven Meadows in a building that will cost more than £37m. Shropshire Council is being too ambitious. It has a poor track record having purchased three shopping centres which have since plummeted in value from £51m to £12m in just three years. It is now desperate to do something with the closed Pride Hill Centre, the failed Riverside Centre and the crumbling Raven Meadows car park. There are less risky approaches to the one the council is taking. The council and key staff could relocate to the Guildhall. The University of Chester could relocate into an entertainment, leisure and education complex on Pride Hill and Riverside.

The draft Shropshire Plan lacks targets amid platitudes and back slapping

Shropshire Council has had several stabs at a corporate plan in recent years. I can’t recall any of the plans having any impact on the way its political leadership acts. I have encountered a lot of corporate plans them in my life. I even drafted a few. But they only work if they if they provide clear guidance, parameters and targets to keep an organisation on course. The draft Shropshire Plan, which is a corporate plan in all but name, doesn’t achieve that. There are no targets for housing, the economy, welfare or climate change. Instead, there are promises and platitudes. We will achieve this and that it says. There is back slapping. We have achieved this and that. As a philosophical statement, it’s pretty much okay. But as a corporate plan, a guide to the way the council will work it fails. There are no benchmarks against which the public or councillors can judge success or failure.

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