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It’s a heatwave, so let’s talk about snow

In the middle of a prolonged hot spell, snow is not on many people’s minds. But it was on the mind of Shropshire Council’s Place Overview committee yesterday when it met to discuss how the council responds to snow emergencies. Among the plans are a pilot snow warden scheme. I began calling for snow wardens in 2013. In May this year, Shropshire Council accepted a cross party motion asking the council to look into the case for a warden scheme. Now it looks like we can get on with it in preparation for the next cold winter.

Councillors propose snow motion to ensure Shropshire doesn’t slip into slow motion

On Thursday 17 May, Shropshire Council will discuss a cross-party motion to get pavements cleared during snow events. The idea is to use volunteer snow wardens and increase collaboration between Shropshire Council and town councils. Councillors from across the political spectrum believe that more to be done by involving the whole community in clearing pavements. They are proposing that Shropshire Council investigates a snow warden scheme. It should also draw up a protocol for its highways team to work in collaboration with town councils across the county.

No trains through Ludlow again for a third day – expect the same tomorrow and early Monday (at least)

Updated 9.00am. Live updates for Saturday are now here. It looks like there will be no trains through Ludlow today (Saturday). You can expect the same on Sunday. On Monday, trains are expected to be “highly impacted” first thing in the morning. Other than a few bus services last Wednesday, there have been no replacement buses and none are yet announced for today. Arriva Trains Wales has announced at 8.45am the routes it is running today. The list doesn’t include trains through Ludlow on the Manchester to Cardiff line.

Slip, slither, slide – great fun in Ludlow today amid rail chaos

It was a day off for many in Ludlow and Shropshire. All schools in our town were closed, along with a few shops. The market began a five day shutdown. Many people were forced to begin a long weekend. Train spotters had a dismal day. Not a train in sight. But Minsterley kept a basic town bus service running. Thanks guys! But, hey! It was a day for the kids. A great day for the kids.

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