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New plans for Sidney Road bungalows – the Norway Maple still gets the chop

Shropshire Housing Group has submitted new plans for bungalows on the green space on Sidney Road at the bottom of Charlton Rise. Under the revised proposals, there will be five bungalows rather than seven. They will be aligned with the existing bungalows and a greater area of green space will be retained. The Norway Maple, originally one of two, will be felled. All the bungalows will be social housing. Six new trees will be planted. These will be Quercus robur ‘Koster’, a fastigiate variety of the common oak with upright branches.

The Ludlow Foyer is highly regarded for its work with young people. It provides a secure and supported pathway from a difficult childhood into work and independent accommodation. But it could well close as local and national spending cuts bite. The Foyer provides low cost rented flats for fifteen young people (aged 16-25) who are continuing education, starting training or a job. The level of rent, currently £212 a week, means that many residents rely on benefits to secure their accommodation. The cost is worth it. Young people at the Foyer are supported by key workers. They sign up to a training plan and are supported into work. Young people arrive in difficulty and leave with greater confidence. In money terms alone, this will lead to lower social costs later in life. But most importantly, young people will have been given a boost that will improve their life chances and wellbeing. The Foyer has been helping young people since 2000. But it is now facing the threat of closure because the finances no longer stack up in a period of cuts.

Sandpits Road maisonettes to be demolished to make way for homes for the elderly – a scheme Ludlow will be proud of

South Shropshire Housing association has announced plans to demolish the maisonettes on Sandpits Road. The block will be replaced with four two-bed bungalows and 22 apartments (10 two-bed and 12 one-bed). The new homes will be provided as affordable rented properties solely for the use of frail and elderly people on the Council Housing Register. Beech Gardens[1] is an excellent scheme. The town is very much in need of sheltered accommodation like this. Along with councillors Tracey Huffer and Viv Parry, I fully support the scheme.[2] The town council’s representational committee has also given its support.

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