Windows that don’t fit. Gaps between walls of roofs. Dangerous wiring. Holes in walls. Incomplete insulation. Kitchen units falling off. Recurring dust everywhere. Even polystyrene coming out the walls.

On Friday, 5 April 2024, BBC Radio Shropshire broadcast interviews with the residents of the Sandpits Estate in Ludlow where work to refurbish social housing has been in trouble for months. Work has been left incomplete. Homes are cold, draughty and mouldy. Parents believe their children have become ill because of the state of their homes. They want urgent action to get them fixed.

There is a great community spirit on Sandpits. The residents have been proud of their homes. Now, many residents are embarrassed by their home because of the state Connexus has left them.

Sandpits Close

Faith Page from BBC Radio Shropshire interviewed Sandpits residents earlier in the week. The interviews were broadcast this morning with a comment by Connexus (see video below; Radio Shropshire report).

The statement by Connexus said that the delays were due to changing contractors. The new contractors were prioritising urgent work and five empty properties. If tenants have problems, they should contact Connexus.

This fine as far as it goes but it does not explain why so many houses have been left in an atrocious state with incomplete work. It does not explained why people have been decanted (moved to another property while their home in refurbished) but the work not done. It does not explain why around 20 properties on the Sandpits Estate are empty. Or why the housing association is prioritising five empty homes rather than prioritising homes fit to live in until they can be refurbished.

Connexus must urgently improve its communication with tenants. It needs to set up something like a WhatsApp group where it can give day to day updates on what it is happening. The occasional letter is not enough. Connexus is not even communicating with councillors at the moment, let alone tenants.

Window apertue

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