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Bromfield solar farm approved after zero objections – is that unique?

I can’t recall a case across England where this has occurred before. The Bromfield solar farm has been approved without a single protest or objection. We have recently seen lively and well organised protests against solar farms at Whitton, Henley Hall, Neen Sollars, Acton Scott and Sheriffhales. Although the latter two had a good measure of local support, they also faced strong opposition. It was different with the Bromfield solar farm. Save South Shropshire Countryside, which was established to oppose solar farms in the countryside, said it had no objection. The Campaign to Protect Rural England and others supported the scheme. There was not a single objection. When this 5MW, 9.2 hectare scheme was first proposed in May 2014, I asked a number of questions. The promoter of the scheme listened carefully, made modifications and produced a sensible planning application that I could fully back.

Ludlow solar farm plans changed as dispute breaks out over scheme impact on heritage – updated

Update: 25 June 2015 Kronos have submitted a second revised plan. The initial plan was revised after Historic England and Shropshire Council’s heritage team raised concerns about how well the impact of the arrays on Henley Hall had been assessed (see below). That revision moved part of the array from beyond Colonel’s Plantation near Henley Hall up the slope to join the main array area. Now these plans have been dropped and the array area has been reduced in size. As yet the supporting documents have not been updated, so we don’t know how much energy this smaller solar farm will generate. Ludlow Town Council have written a strongly worded objection against the proposal.

Heritage objections lead to delay on Ludlow solar farm decision

Plans for a 33-hectare solar farm near Ludlow have been put on temporary hold after objections from Historic England and Shropshire Council’s historic environment team. The South Planning Committee was due to make a decision on the solar project at its meeting on 16 June. But after the responses from heritage bodies, which said that the heritage assessment provided with the planning application is “inadequate”, Kronos Solar has asked for the application to be deferred until the next meeting of the planning committee on 14 July. The Whitton solar farm proposal is still scheduled for the agenda of the 14 June South Planning Committee meeting.

Heritage experts say plans for solar farm outside Ludlow should be refused or deferred

Kronos Solar has submitted plans for a 33-acre solar farm adjacent between Henley Hall and Ledwyche on the outskirts of Ludlow. Now heritage experts say the scheme should be rejected or deferred because the assessment of the impact of the development on heritage assets, especially Henley Hall park, is inadequate. Historic England says it is currently “unable to support” the scheme. In its comment published yesterday, Historic England says: The proposed development is situated directly adjacent to the Grade II Registered Park and Garden Henley Hall, which itself contains a number of listed structures including the Grade II* Henley Hall and the Grade II listed Park House. The proposed development falls within the setting of Grade II Henley Hall Park. We consider that given the extent and nature of the proposed development, and its location immediately adjacent to the boundary of the Registered park, the proposed development would cause harm to the significance of the heritage asset as a consequence of development within its setting.

New solar farm proposed for Rock Farm on the outskirts of Ludlow

A fourth solar farm is being planned close to Ludlow. Global Renewable Construction Limited has applied for a screening option for a solar farm in Ludford parish (15/02288/SCR).[1] The site is on the opposite bank of the Ledwyche Brook to the proposed Henley Hall solar farm. No other details are available at this stage. A third solar farm is planned at Whitton. A fourth at Bromfield is expected to get planning permission shortly.

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