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Ludlow’s collapsed town wall should be registered as a Monumental Failure and become a tourist attraction

Next Thursday 18 February 2021, it will have been eight years since the town walls fell at the back of St Laurence’s. There is no sign of the repairs beginning this year. What hope is there of the collapsed section being completed before the tenth anniversary? Almost none in my opinion. I would like to be proved wrong. The failure to repair one of Ludlow’s principal monuments is an embarrassment to our town. St Laurence’s churchyard is still disfigured by Herras fencing. It’s a disgrace. Unless there is action soon, we should perhaps register the collapsed wall as a Monumental Failure and make it a tourist attraction. A blue plaque declaring: “Here lieth the town walls. Resting in pieces since 18 February 2013.”

Happy unbirthday to Ludlow town walls – seven years after the collapse repairs are still not scheduled

Seven years today Ludlow town walls fell down at the back of St Laurence’s churchyard. 18 February 2013. At a crowded public meeting a few days later, Shropshire Council cabinet member Martin Taylor-Smith told Ludlow that money was not an issue. The unitary council had the money in reserves. The wall would be repaired and soon. Alas! That proved to be misleading. What followed was a lengthy dispute between Shropshire Council, St Laurence’s Church and Ludlow Town Council about who was responsible for paying for the repairs. Two and a half years and a lot of legal bills later, it was agreed that Ludlow Town Council had to foot the repair bill. Now it looks like the wall will not be rebuilt before the tenth anniversary of collapse.

Heritage at Risk: It has been six years since Ludlow town walls fell – still they lie fallen

Two years ago, I wrote about the delays in repairing the collapsed town wall behind St Laurence’s Church. This Monday, 18 February, is the sixth anniversary of the collapse. No repair work has been done. The churchyard behind the church remains an ugly mess that damages the setting of the Cathedral of the Marches. Saplings are growing out of the collapsed wall face weakening the historic monument further. We have one of the most complete town walls in Europe. But neglect and overdue repairs have led Historic England to add Ludlow town walls to its Heritage in Danger list. The town council should be ashamed of this. Ludlow Town Council is crawling alone at snail’s pace in arranging the long overdue repairs. I fear I may be still be writing about this on the tenth anniversary of the collapse in February 2023.

Ludlow Town Council needs heritage champion to save town walls – they collapsed four years ago today

Today, Saturday, it will have been four years to the day since the town walls behind St Laurence’s church collapsed. Almost nothing has happened to get repairs underway. The town council has missed the 2017 funding cycle. There must now be doubt whether the council can get funding in place by 2018. It should appoint heritage champion to ensure that there are no further delays in getting the walls repaired. Otherwise, I fear it will be years before the repairs start.

One down, one to go as Historic England declares Buttercross is no longer at “risk”

There is good news for Ludlow’s heritage with yesterday’s announcement from Historic England that the Buttercross has been removed from its risk register. When last year’s register was published, I said I was disappointed that the Grade I listed building was still considered at risk. Now, the Heritage at Risk 2015 Register confirms, by its omission, that the building is no longer at risk.[1] This is good news indeed and a tribute to all the good work put in by the town council and its local contractors in converting the building to be used as a museum (which should open in the spring).

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