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Update 30 November: Concern over repairs The temporary work has finished but the builders’ bag buttress has not been increased in height as agreed. I have had a number of excuses for this, including non-existent cellars under the road on Upper Linney. I am heartily fed up with Shropshire Council officers saying one thing one day and doing another the next. The wall will remain vulnerable unless the height of the buttress is increased as recommended by Shropshire Council’s consultants in this report back in June.

Two Ludlow historic monuments remain on Heritage at Risk Register maintained by English Heritage, the town walls and the Buttercross. Ludlow’s Buttercross The Buttercross is described as: “Repair scheme in progress… Functionally redundant buildings with new use agreed but not yet implemented.” The building is in the lowest risk category (F on a scale of A to F). Nevertheless, I am disappointed that the Buttercross is still on the at risk register. Ludlow Town Council has been doing an excellent job of repairing and converting the building into a heritage centre. The building is no longer at risk. I’ll write to English Heritage asking them to remove the building from next year’s edition of the risk register.

On Thursday I spoke about the state of the town walls at Shropshire Council, following a question to Shropshire Council leader Keith Barrow. It was not a very successful session, with the speaker refusing to allow me to set out the context of why work is urgent. However, Keith did agree to meet me and said he was seeking an urgent solution to the town wall crisis. On Friday, I met with council officers and contractors. The sole purpose of the meeting was to discuss temporary works to stabilise the wall and prevent further damage. Council officers suggested that, realistically, it might be two years before the wall is rebuilt. One proposal will prove very controversial – removal of two hornbeam trees above the breech in the wall.

I will be asking a question on the state of the town wall at full Council next Thursday 25 September. The procedure is that a written question is submitted and answered in advance of the meeting. I then get to ask a supplementary question. In doing so, I will have the opportunity to comment on the current lack of progress in getting the wall repaired. Meanwhile, I am looking for photographs of the churchyard taken more than a year ago. I need photographs of the trees that line the town wall. If you can help, please get in touch. I’ll write more on this at the end of the week. Meanwhile, here is my question and Keith Barrow’s answer from the Council Agenda.

Over the last few days, the collapsed section of Ludlow’s town wall behind St Laurence’s Church has been vandalised, further threatening the stability of the graveyard and wall. The safety fences in the Garden of Rest have been damaged and some sections pushed to the ground. Sandbags and sheeting have been thrown down from the churchyard into the Compasses back yard exposing sections of the graveyard.

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