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Emergency Numbers for Storm Eunice (and beyond)

It has been a dark and stormy night. The rivers are beginning to rise as the rain lashes down onto already sodden ground. Wind strengths are increasing. All trains in Wales and the Marches are cancelled, as well as trains between Shrewsbury and Telford. Minsterley Motors are running buses in the south of the county but will review the situation as the weather changes. Several schools are closed. The advice is not to travel, to work from home if possible and to stay indoors. Here is a handy list of numbers should the worst come to pass.

Hang on to your wheelie bins – Eunice is about to storm Shropshire

It has been a very windy winter, with reports suggesting that 8 million trees have been blown down this winter so far. There will be a few more down by midday tomorrow, probably very many more. There is an Amber Warning of high winds in Shropshire from 3am tomorrow until 9pm in the evening. The Met Office said today there is an increasing likelihood of widespread inland wind gusts of 60-70 mph and up to 80 mph in a few places. Around coasts of west Wales and southwest England, gusts of 90 or possibly even 100 mph are possible. Severe flood warnings are in place south of us. These areas have a Red Warning, which means a danger to life. Ludlow Market is cancelled tomorrow and Transport for Wales has cancelled all train services including those through Ludlow. Buses might be cancelled at short notice. Power to homes and businesses could be lost. The general advice is do not travel. Friday will be a good day to hibernate. Could I suggest that people check their wheelie bins are taken in and secured? We had bins and boxes flying down streets during the somewhat milder Storm Dudley earlier this week. An…

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Met Office issues a heatwave health alert – please check on your vulnerable neighbours

We knew it was coming. It is here. A searing heatwave that is set to last until the weather breaks on Friday when rain and temperatures are expected to fall, though they will not plummet. We complain enough about the cold. It was -10C outside my front door earlier this year. Now we have the opposite. It’s 28C outside the front door and my sun facing windows check in well above 30C on the outside. The pavement is 36C plus. It’s too hot to walk the dog. Double glazing keeps some of the heat out but as always it is a competition between air flow and heat flow. The Met Office has issued a Level Three health alert. Most people know how to cope with a heat surge. But some older people and others who are vulnerable may not cope well. Just as in severely cold weather, it is helpful if people phone a friend or neighbour to see if they are coping well.

Weekend for wellies and brollies as Ludlow and the Marches get Amber Warning for Storm Alex rain (updated with New Road info)

The Meteorological Office, the Met Office to you and me, has issued an Amber Warning for rain along the Marches from midday tomorrow, Saturday. We are used to rain here. There has been a Yellow Warning for rain in place since yesterday. And you don’t need a warning to know it is wet out there. Today’s Amber Warning is more serious. We are promised a deluge of rain from midday Saturday until 6am on Sunday. At the moment river levels are low for the time of year so we are not yet expecting flooding from the Corve and Teme. But we all know how unpredictable these rivers can be, especially if drains back up into the streets. I have asked Shropshire Council to drop sandbags in Lower Corve Street and Temeside as a precaution.

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