Tag: Bromfield Meadow

Residents of Fishmore View, Ludlow are telling housing developers they don’t want a proposed footbridge they say will ruin their quiet cul de sac. This huge footbridge will be more than 250 metres long (275 yards) and soar 7 metres (23 feet) above the bed of the River Corve. It will link a planned development of up to 215 homes beside the A49 bypass with the play area at Fishmore View. In the last few days I have conducted a survey of the 33 households most affected by the footbridge on Fishmore View and Corve View.

Plans for around 215 homes will be considered by the South Planning Committee on 24 June, with a recommendation for approval. I know a lot of people are unhappy with this scheme which, if approved, will add more than 200 homes to our quota over and above the housing proposed in SAMDev. However, because Shropshire Council does not have a five year land supply, development, even if it is not in SAMDev, can only be turned down if it is unsustainable.

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