Days before a decision is due to be made on the controversial development of 215 houses off the Bromfield Road, the developers have offered to scrap a contentious footbridge.

This huge footbridge will be more than 250 metres long (275 yards) and soar 7 metres (23 feet) above the bed of the River Corve. It will link a planned development of up to 215 homes beside the A49 bypass with the play area at Fishmore View. Almost all the residents I contacted last week are against this bridge.

In a letter to the Southern [sic] Planning Committee, Andy Williams, Director of Advanced Land Use and Planning says:

The footbridge over the River into Fishmore View to the east will enhance connectivity not only for future occupants but also existing residents wishing to access the proposed riverside open space and the community facilities on Bromfield Road, to the west. Please note, however, that whilst this link may be considered desirable (hence why it was proposed), it is not absolutely essential to the scheme. So, if in the light of objections, Members wish it to be deleted, the applicant is agreeable to this.

That’s good news.

Williams also comments on flooding:

There appears to be some misconception about how the proposals might affect flood risk in other parts of the Town. Put quite simply, the Environment Agency and your own drainage officers have scrutinised and approved the Flood Risk Assessment which demonstrates that the proposed housing area will not be in the flood plain. Moreover, surface water run-off has to be attenuated to the green-field rate so the development will have no direct or indirect impact elsewhere downstream.

I’m unconvinced about that.

The South Planning Committee meets on Tuesday afternoon to decide on this application.


Advanced Land Planning statement

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