SSJ 17 Jan Council is making a mess of recycling raggedMy letter on the probable closure of the Coder Road tip and recycling centre is published in the South Shropshire Journal today:

Shropshire Council is determined to close our tip and recycling centre at Coder Road.

As you reported last week, the council received only 112 responses to its second consultation on the closure. That’s no surprise as many people had thought they had made their voice heard in the previous consultation. And more than 2,000 people had signed a petition against the closure. But this petition was not even mentioned in the briefing note sent to Shropshire councillors before the second consultation was launched.

It is worth noting the results of the first consultation. Everyone who responded said that Coder Road should be kept open.

The real reason that Coder Road does not get enough use – in Shropshire Council’s terms – is that it is only open on Saturday mornings at weekends. No business can survive if it is closed when its customers most need it.

The closure of Coder Road will only lead to more fly-tipping and less recycling.

Shropshire Council has made a mess of our town buses. It’s about to make a mess of our local tipping and recycling facilities. It is rapidly becoming a “can’t do, won’t do” council on any public service in this town. We deserve better treatment from Shropshire Council in Ludlow.

Andy Boddington

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