Hopes are growing for a pedestrian crossing on Old Street after councillor Viv Parry presented a case to Shropshire Council.

We have been concerned about pedestrian safety in Old Street for some time. Drivers are often going at some speed as they come downhill out of the 20mph limit. Some put their foot down as they go uphill towards the town centre.

A lot of children cross the road on their way to and from St Laurence’s school. We need to ensure that they are safe. The school is working very hard to get this crossing. I visited the school with the council officers responsible for highways. After that, the children went door to door along Old Street asking residents if they wanted the crossing.

Elderly people also need a safe crossing to and from the sheltered housing at the Fees.

The good news is that Shropshire Council is now going to do a survey of traffic speed and pedestrian movements. This will give us the data we need to make a financial case for the crossing and ensure it is in the most useful place.

If the pedestrian crossing gets approval, it is likely to be downhill of St John’s Road and Friars Walk.

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