Ludlow supermarket hopeful to hold exhibition on 4/5 July

A date for your diary. Community Connect, which is fronting proposals for an out-of-town supermarket at Rocks Green, Ludlow, is holding a drop-in session and exhibition on 4 July and 5 July at the Rockspring Community Centre.

Here’s the letter they have sent to town residents:

18th June 2014

Re – proposed new supermarket and petrol station at Rocks Green, Ludlow

Our client, Blackfriars Developments Ltd, is working on a planning proposal that would see a new supermarket and petrol station developed on land commonly called Dun Cow at Rocks Green, Ludlow off the A49. The store would create in the region of 250 new local jobs, increase choice and competition for local people and strengthen Ludlow’s role as a retail destination. We believe that there are significant benefits to the local economy as a result of this proposal.

Before a planning application is submitted to Shropshire Council we want to discuss the proposal with local stakeholders and the community. To that end. we are holding a pre-submission planning consultation to set out the plans and answer your questions.

The consultation takes place:

Where?: Rockspring Community Centre (Main Hall), Sandford Road, Ludlow, SY8 1SX.

When?: Friday 4th July from 10.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday 5th July from 10.00am – 3.00pm

Members of the development team will be on hand to discuss the proposal with you.

It is a very informal event so please feel free to visit whenever you can.

We look forward to meeting you. In the meantime, if you have any questions please

Contact me on 01993 869294 or

Yours sincerely,


Managing Director

Here are plans that were on show at the exhibition

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  1. I’d love to know how the developers will square their plans with SAMDev, which clearly shows the site outside the town’s development boundary and in an area (Rocks Green) otherwise designated for residential development, not commercial. I suspect they’ll just ignore our local planning policies altogether.

    I have a feeling that this development will be rightly refused by Shropshire Council (doesn’t fit in with local planning policy), only to be approved on appeal by either the Planning Inspectorate or the Secretary of State.

    I also see the usual “X number of jobs created” as the headline benefit. These will almost entirely be low-wage jobs. And how many jobs will be lost in Ludlow town centre?

  2. Why are we not allowed to know which supermarket company they represent?I find this very suspicious and wonder if the developers are flying a kite to get outline permission and then sell on to the highest bidder.

  3. I would recommend that everyone who objects to this proposal email Mr Hoare (his address is on the letter – and let him know in polite but firm terms of their feelings. It also wouldn’t do any harm to point out his history of going behind the backs of the local community in attempts to get refused planning applications overturned through his friendships with David Cameron and other senior government ministers, and ask him if he intends to do the same in this case should the application (if it materializes) be refused.

  4. Sounds like there’s not much point trying to co-operate with the developers. This public meeting will just be held to “tick a box” so they can say they’ve held pre-planning consultation with the public.

    Again, I ask how on earth this development fits in with planning policy? The land is not designated for any development in the new local plan (“SamDev”) and Rocks Green is otherwise designated for residential, not commercial, development. The site is clearly laid out for further housing, relating to the recent Dun Cow housing development. A supermarket development there would presumably involve the re-building of the (residential) access roads constructed only a few years ago.

  5. I have just done some searching, can not find an obvious link to Blackfriars Development Ltd. Plenty on Simon Hoare. Linked to a few unwanted developments with his company. Interesting reading at re. their fight to stop a development which also has comments from somebody in Shropshire who was trying to stop one – all had Simon Hoare involved and supermarkets!

  6. When most of you have got off your high horses, you may want to consider the views of the rest of the town locals who have been living here for many generations, and seen this town transformed into something that it’s not, a rich mans playground! All we ever hear and read is people with prominence and position and their idealistic way of life views, while the rest of us have to continually live in a living museum of a town. The ‘Independance Shop’ tag that this town has been given is a joke. Its only signifance is to tittilate and amuse the many visitors that frequent the town centre, only for them to return to their normal lives of high street shops and a wide selection of supermarkets. Locals are leaving the town to spend their money, and ironically fueling their cars at the only petrol station available, to do so.
    This area for the planned supermarker is not intruding on your idealistic, and quaint town centre, that in reality offers nothing of any real substance to anyone wanting to do some grocerie shopping. People want, and are entitled to choice. This planned supemarket will bring people to ludlow, as it would seem more of an attraction when planning a days excursion. The current supermarkets offer limited choice, and healthy competition is a way of commercial life. No one is entitled to complete monopoly in any area.
    The current supermarkets are extremely busy on any given weekend which really reflects the need for more choice and venue’s for shoppers. Ludlow once had 3-4 petrol stations, and pricing was always competative. Now one guy has total freedom over his pump prices, with no healthy competition, and the local has to carry this.
    As for the ‘usual job’ headline, I cannot see why you scoff at this. It is a fact that jobs will be made available. We have many youngsters, young families that seek employment of varying hours and shifts. This will be of important relavence to them. Maybe pay will be a the lower end, but the way tings work today, you have to be able to show a sense of desire to work in order to receive tax credits etc, which is a way of life for many young families in this day and age.
    The over 60’s of this town that are here for a retirement holiday need to respect the wants and desires of the true locals that have no other way of life. We want more choice, we want competition, and we want fairness, with our voice being heard, rather than the seemingly middle upper classed ludlow immigrants running the shop, if you pardon the pun.
    I suggest every household in the SY8 postcode is issued with a yes or no polling card to give a true reflection of the towns opinion.
    This from the family of a once Ludlow Town Mayor!

  7. Personally I am indifferent about the Supermarket but I think a second filling station would be most welcome but I guess it would not be viable without the supermarket. I went to the Rocks Spring presentation and was told that Waitrose and Sainsburys had both expressed an interest in the development. Looking at the proposed layout I was most concerned about traffic leaving the site including the Dun Cow estate all trying to get out onto the A4117. Even now without supermarket & filling station traffic one can wait for some time for the road to be clear in both directions. Would it not be better to have access directly off the A49/A4117 roundabout. While on the subject of filling stations what is the current position regarding the Coronation Avenue proposals?