Many people know that I am a writer and I am often asked what I write about. I’m a jobbing writer, so I write what I am paid for – that’s mostly about planning and the environment at the moment. But I have a huge passion for history and heritage, and I’m working on a couple of books in my spare time – not there’s much of that since I have become a councillor. My history websites are in disarray but you can read about some of my interests here.

Now there’s a chance for everyone to get involved in local history – and you can do it online from home. Shropshire Archives are looking for volunteers to help build an online catalogue that will give worldwide access to its records. Speaking as a history writer that has travelled as far as Los Angeles to consult historic records, its hugely valuable to have catalogues and records online.

You can find out more about how to take part from the Shropshire Council press release and Shropshire’s Heritage Heroes.

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