Exhibition on plans for 150 houses for Foldgate Lane, Ludlow

Housing applications are coming in thick and fast at the moment.

The latest plans to be put on public show are for up to 150 homes off Foldgate Lane. That’s the narrow lane that goes from Harry Tuffins to Steventon Road. The development is not in SAMDev.

Foldgate site locationClick for larger image

Turley Associates are acting for Richborough Estates on this proposed development. They’re holding a public exhibition and consultation at the Bishop Mascall Centre on Lower Galdeford from 2pm until 8pm on Monday 28 July.

Exhibition PosterClick for larger image

As a member of the South Planning Committee, I will be making no comment on this application until it is considered by the committee. But I will keep you up-to-date with the plans as they emerge. And please feel free to make your views known below.

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  1. Andy, An application came before the TC about 2 – 3 years ago and was rejected. Thanks for keeping us updated- your news briefs are much appreciated. Regards,   John


  2. Very much against this, whichever supermarket take it.   John


  3. I hold a red zone car parking permit for Ludlow centre, for which I currently pay £50 pa. I am finding it increasingly difficult to park my car, and sometimes have to drive around for an hour or so until I find a free space, particularly at the weekends. If I do find one, it is usually a long way from my flat and I have to struggle (often with heavy bags) home. One of my questions is, with all these additional people apparently going to be living in Ludlow, how is the town infrastructure going to cope, particularly with parking and school places, etc. Has anyone given any thought to this at all? How about consolidating the blue and red parking zones for a start, which are the way things stand a pointless and useless distinction

    Regarding the space allocated above for housing in the above I assume these will be more, crammed-in, badly designed houses of the cheap Barratt’s type, with no thought given to aesthetics or local building styles, and all with the noise from the A49 to keep you awake day and night. Wonderful. Why don’t they just leave Ludlow alone. There are plenty of other places in the UK that people can go to live.