Extra buses were introduced by Herefordshire Council on 11 May 2015. Up to date timetables.

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After Shropshire Council refused to support the 492 service between Hereford and Ludlow, the service ends on Sunday 30 August. On the new 490 route, buses will only come into Ludlow four times a day, and not at all at the weekend (the timetable is below).

I am really quite shocked that we are to lose this popular bus service. The plan is that the 490 will run the 19 miles from Leominster to Orleton and then turn back without servicing Ludlow. It will only come to town twice a day to drop off and pick up college students. There will be no service at all at weekends and during the school vacations.

This bus brings a lot of people into town, not just from villages in Herefordshire, but also from Overton, Batchcott and Richard’s Castle. These settlements will have no bus service at all, except for the school run which is not convenient for many people. The route is also popular with walkers and with visitors who use the new Ludlow Touring Park at Overton.

I asked Claire Wild, the portfolio holder for transport if Shropshire Council would fund the final five miles into Ludlow. Council officers replied that it does not currently subsidise the 492 and it is not prepared to do so in the future.

If we cut off villages from bus services, they will just become settlements of holiday homes and wealthy weekenders. We will lose the mix of people that makes villages vibrant and alive.

See also Shropshire Star: Fight to Save Ludlow bus service.

Viv Parry is raising a petition to get a decent service restored between Ludlow and Orleton, including to the touring caravan park: vivienne.parry@shropshire.gov.uk.

There is much better news on on the 292 service to Kidderminster, which will become the 2L and run more frequently.

490 Leominster Oreleton Ludlow Service (PDF)

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