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Shropshire Council rules out free park and ride buses in Ludlow to help the town recover because it is not Shrewsbury

I ought to be used it by now. But somehow when Shropshire Council says yet again that Ludlow can’t have funding because it is not Shrewsbury, it is still gut wrenching. This morning we received Shropshire Council’s explanation of why Ludlow’s park and ride services can’t be free for a couple of weeks, paid for by the council, as they are currently in Shrewsbury. The miserable excuses from the council are that things are different in Shrewsbury. They are only different because the council has chosen to make the different. To give more to Shrewsbury while staring Ludlow of resources. Shropshire Council promises action to help bus services in Ludlow in the future but only if grant bids are won. Meanwhile, the council won’t do anything to help Ludlow to recover from the pandemic. This is the correspondence over the last few days. Monday 26 April: Email to Andy Begley, Shropshire Council Letter from Andy Boddington, Ludlow Mayor, Chamber of Commerce and Ludlow Destination Partnership to the chief executive of Shropshire Council. Request for matching free bus transport for Ludlow park and ride Dear Andy We read with interest the announcement of a free park and ride bus service in…

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Covid Watch 140: Ludlow town buses back to normal from Thursday 1 April when vax shuttle ends

Bus services have been disrupted in recent weeks to give priority to the shuttle bus between Ludlow and the Racecourse vaccination centre. From Thursday, the 701 and 722 will revert to their previous timetables, with each running every half an hour from Ludlow Assembly Rooms. The vaccination programme at Ludlow Racecourse is due to slow due to a reduction in vaccine supplies in April. The vax shuttle will be suspended. It might be reinstated later but it has been little used. It was the right idea but there was little demand. I am not convinced it should be reinstated at the expense of the town service.

Shropshire Council gives little hope that Shrewsbury bus station will be retained when Smithfield is redeveloped

Shrewsbury’s bus station and the bus layover bus are the essential for the operation of bus services in and out of Ludlow. Fears that the bus station will be demolished were raised when Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council published the latest stage of the Big Town Plan. This suggested that the bus station would be replaced by housing and people coming into Shrewsbury by bus will change to a town bus at a park and ride site. Now there are suggestions that Shropshire Council is having a rethink but it only committing to a “facility” not a bus station. If a modal shift in the way that people travel in and out of Shrewsbury town centre is to be achieved, buses should be at the centre of the Big Town Plan. Bus transport should shape development, not be squeezed into the margins.

Shrewsbury’s Big Town Plan should aim to build a signature bus station and must not undermine rural bus services

For a while, our county town has been working on setting out a new future. Shopping centres have been purchased. And an ambition vision for the future of the town is currently out for consultation. Our county town needs a vision. But one that works for all the county, not just Shrewsbury. Rural bus operators I have spoken to are worried about the Big Town Plan. That plan thinks that Shrewsbury bus station, which must be one of the worst in the country, will be demolished. Rural buses will drop passengers off at the park and ride sites and passengers must wait for a bus into town. This is a policy doomed to fail. It will drive people from buses into cars, onto trains or not travelling at all. It is an anti-bus strategy. It would not even be on the agenda if Shropshire didn’t want to sell the bus station for housing. Money!

Covid Watch 127: Shuttle bus to run between Ludlow and the Racecourse vaccination centre every 15 minutes from tomorrow

The Ludlow Racecourse Vaccination Centre begins work tomorrow. Many over 70s will have already received invitations. The first shuttle bus will leave the Eco Park at 7:45am. It will call at The Compasses on Corve Street at 7:50am. The bus will arrive at the Racecourse at 7:57am. The return journey to the Eco Park via Corve Street leaves three minutes later. This free shuttle will continue every 15 minutes both ways throughout the day with the last bus from the Racecourse departing at 20:14. The 701 service will run hourly from Ludlow Assembly Rooms and will visit areas of the town normally served by the 722.

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