You will not have seen this plan of Ludlow before. I’ve put it together out of two very different planning documents. Much of this housing development is not due to happen soon and some may never happen, except you can’t ever say never in planning.


The two documents I have used are SAMDev, which allocates development sites to 2026, and the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), which assesses sites with potential for development for homes. More details of the Ludlow area sites are in this document: Ludlow development sites identified in SAMDev and SHLAA.

The crucial difference between SAMDev and SHLAA is that SAMDev allocates agreed sites for development. The SHLAA is lists sites that Shropshire Council has assessed as suitable for development, both for SAMDev and for the longer term. ‘Longer term’ in this context means after 2026 when SAMDev ends, but sites could be brought forward if the council struggles to maintain a five year land supply.

Controlling development is increasingly difficult under the government’s five year land supply rules. That’s one reason why we need a neighbourhood plan for Ludlow and the surrounding parishes.

The core strategy local plan is set to be reviewed in 2016. At that point, the plan will be extended to cover development up to 2036. We might see at least some of these sites included during that review.

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