Mead House Pension Scheme has submitted revised plans for a new Texaco petrol station and a convenience store on Bromfield Road (14/00563/FUL).

The main change from the earlier plans is that the petrol storage tanks have been moved to an above ground location between the proposed café and store. Previously they were sunk into the ground right beside the floodplain. The number of car parking spaces has been reduced from 21 to 17.

revised_artists_imp_bromfield_rd_petrol_&_store revised_layout_bromfield_rd_petrol_&_store

Here is what those above ground tanks look like before screening (they will be screened in these proposals).


The Land Quality Assessment which accompanies the new plans says: “The Site is considered to present a low risk in its current condition and in its developed condition.” Low risk doesn’t mean no risk.

I have no objection to the design of this station and I am ambivalent about the need for a convenience store at this location. I think that reducing the number of parking spaces could lead to peak period parking on Coronation Avenue and Bromfield Road.

Of course, Ludlow desperately needs a second petrol station.

But putting petrol tanks on the banks of the Corve above the Boiling Well is inviting a risk of disastrous pollution of both the Corve and the Teme. That could be environmentally devastating. Our rivers are as vital a part of the character of Ludlow as the castle, church and historic streets.

The risk of pollution might be small but this is a risk this town cannot take. This planning application might best be described as the right idea in the wrong place.

I will continue to oppose this application and have repeated my request to have it considered by the South Planning Committee.

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