From Monday 23 February, the 722 town bus timetable will be rejigged and take different routes on the half hour and the hour. The service will serve Toll Gate Road hourly.

On the hour, the bus leaves the Tourist Information Centre at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms and travels via the railway station, Galdeford and Sheet Road to Parys Road. It then visits Toll Gate Road at 10 minutes past the hour and travels on to the Vashon Close turn. After visiting the Eco Park and the Park and Ride at 15 minutes past, the 722 then returns to town via the railway station and supermarkets.

On the half hour, the route is quite different. After leaving the Assembly Rooms for the supermarkets and railway station, the 722 travels along Gravel Hill to Henley Road. It arrives at Rocks Green at 40 minutes past the hour and the Eco Park three minutes later. After Sheet Road, this version of the service travels around Steventon and Old Street before arriving back at the Assembly Rooms.

This is better than the existing timetable, but we still have the 722 leaving the town centre at the same time as the 701 and so they will run together as far as the Weyman Road turn.


PDF version of timetable: Ludlow_722_from_23_Feb_2015

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