West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner Bill Longmore has suggested that more police stations should close. One suggestion is that the police should share premises with the fire and rescue service.

Ludlow police station on Lower Galdeford is used but the front counter service closed last autumn. Instead, visitors must press a button on a door panel and speak into it when the remote operator answers. West Mercia police do however use it as a base when they are working in the town and surrounding area. Otherwise, they work out of the main local base in Leominster or other stations.

So, should Ludlow police station reopen the front counter? Should it close altogether? Or should we seek a new location for the station?

Please vote below and let me know your detailed views in the comments section.

One thought on “Poll: Should Ludlow police station close altogether or be relocated? Vote now”
  1. I can’t believe I actually voted for this so called one time front line police officer Commissioner, who promised more local bobbies when he was canvassing for votes on my doorstep. More duplicity, why am I not surprised?

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