Day: 19 January 2016

Begin of rage. I am getting fed up with this. Can’t I take Mel the Collie for a walk early in the morning without the risk of us both being run over by barely awake motorists who rush through red lights? Six days ago, I was so angry at a van hurtling out of Ludlow towards Hereford, I raged on Facebook. That was before seven in the morning. Today, around 7.45am, a black Ka did just the same. The driver sped from Sheet Road hooking right to the A49 to Hereford. At that point, there is a lights controlled pedestrian crossing. You can’t miss it and the lights don’t change quickly. But the driver sped through three or four seconds after the green cross light was showing not noticing either of us.

Richborough Estates have appealed against the refusal of plans for 137 homes off Foldgate Lane (15/02340/REF). This scheme is not in SAMDev, our plan for housing sites, but the developers are hoping that approval of 215 homes off Bromfield Road outside of SAMDev has set a precedent and a planning inspector will approve the Foldgate Lane scheme. I am not a fan of the Bromfield Meadows development. It is barely sustainable. The Foldgate Lane scheme is much worse and completely unsustainable. It would be madness to build housing on a site that has such awful and dangerous access arrangements. Foldgate Lane cannot be accessed by buses and there is no safe pedestrian route to the Co-op. I cannot think of a more unsustainable site for development in Ludlow. I submitted my statement opposing the development at the end of last year. Delays at the planning inspectorate mean that it has not yet gone online.

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