Begin of rage.

I am getting fed up with this. Can’t I take Mel the Collie for a walk early in the morning without the risk of us both being run over by barely awake motorists who rush through red lights?

Six days ago, I was so angry at a van hurtling out of Ludlow towards Hereford, I raged on Facebook. That was before seven in the morning. Today, around 7.45am, a black Ka did just the same. The driver sped from Sheet Road hooking right to the A49 to Hereford.

At that point, there is a lights controlled pedestrian crossing. You can’t miss it and the lights don’t change quickly. But the driver sped through three or four seconds after the green cross light was showing not noticing either of us.

Mel is good at crossing roads. But if I make a misjudgement and say “cross”, she will obey command before sense. So it’s my rule that I won’t leave the pavement until the traffic has stopped because of the idiots from Ludlow that drive when asleep.

You can’t miss the two of us. I wear a huge hivis jacket and Mel has day-glo strips. We both carry torches if it is dark.

This wasn’t the end of our misadventures this morning. A couple of minutes later, we crossed Sheet Road on the Zebra by the Co-op. The walk to the pedestrian island was fine. But a driver speeding up Sheet Road with nose glued to the windscreen shot across the other side of the crossing without even seeing us.

These incidents are frequent – hence the huge caution I use when walking Mel. I know other people have had incidents crossing these roads. But why should pedestrians have to exercise extra caution when motorists won’t even obey the laws of the road?

This is my plea to Ludlow drivers. Wake up before you drive. Allow a few more minutes to get work. And above all open your eyes before you get in your car.

End of rage.

3 thought on “Rage at Ludlow motorists – wake up before you drive and maybe kill someone”
  1. The crossing that takes you from the Co-op to Sheet Road is bound to be the site of an accident. It is far too close to Sheet Road and vehicles leaving the A49 are travelling too fast, intent on grabbing a bottle of milk before they get home and speed across the crossing without even seeing it. I have banged on the bonnet of a car that almost swept me along with it before now. But, as you say, the speed that drivers travel along Sheet Road is ridiculous and something needs to be done soon

  2. It’s quite possible the driver had frost on the windscreen and couldn’t see a thing. On the other hand, to stop at the lights would delay their journey which is doubtless more important than your life. I advise you never to step into the road until you can see the whites of their angry eyes glaring at you; dog walking is dangerous enough without being run over.

  3. there is also a problem with traffic light jumpers station road and by tescos only a matter of time until carnage it seems all the idiots are out at the same time of day

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