Day: 3 April 2016

Sometimes your head goes wrong. That’s been the case for me over the last month or two. This bout of depression has been the worst for some years. But is also normal for me. It’s the way my brain is wired and sometimes the energies in my mind pitch over the abyss into total despair. I’ve learnt to live with depression over the years. It’s harder for people around me when my anger goes well over the top. It seems like I hate everyone – but in truth I only loath myself. I’ve decided to be open about this bleak episode of the mind. Mental illness should never be hidden or shoved to one side

There is certainly a head of steam building up for HGVs to be banned from Ludford Bridge. Ludford parish council wants an HGV ban. And 91% of the 200 people who voted in my online poll support a ban on HGVs.[1] I am naturally inclined to support a ban to protect this Grade I listed bridge. But we need to examine the impact of any restriction on local businesses, buses and traffic elsewhere in the town before making a decision. I have asked for a special meeting of the In and Out of Ludlow forum to discuss the issue.

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