Sometimes your head goes wrong. That’s been the case for me over the last month or two. This bout of depression has been the worst for some years. But is also normal for me. It’s the way my brain is wired and sometimes the energies in my mind pitch over the abyss into total despair.

I’ve learnt to live with depression over the years. It’s harder for people around me when my anger goes well over the top. It seems like I hate everyone – but in truth I only loath myself.

I’ve decided to be open about this bleak episode of the mind. Mental illness should never be hidden or shoved to one side

I’ve had huge support from friends and fellow councillors in recent days. It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get my head straight again.

When I get my head in order, I’ll write another newsletter. The clouds are lifting in my mind but who can say when the terrors that haunt me will end.

15 thought on “No newsletter this week as I recover from a bout of depression”
  1. I hope you feel better soon Andy, I appreciate your newsletters which are always informative and well balanced.

  2. SO sorry to hear of your low spirits and am proud of you for telling us about it! Hang on in there Andy ! Very best wishes, Barbara Stephens.

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  3. I know sympathy doesn’t always help as much as we wish but….. I think you’re doing a great job. I only wish you could be representative of the Labour Party.
    You give a lot, sometimes you need to take a bit back. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking you are one sound dude!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your depression, Andy.

    I have much appreciated your regular updates on what is happening in Ludlow and all your work for the Community and on the County Council. I do hope the depression will lift soon. You take a great many of the cares of Ludlow on your shoulders. Don’t let them crush you.

  5. Hi Andy, you take care dear friend. You provide an essential and honest service that everyone in Shropshire appreciates (apart from the odd Tory). Keep up the great work and get well soon.

  6. Hi Andy, you take care dear friend. You provided an essential and honest service that everyone in Shropshire appreciates (apart from the odd Tory). Keep up the great work and get well soon.

  7. Dear Andy,

    So sorry to read your blog.  You do so such good work and are much valued by the community.  Hope the darkness soon passes, hope you are surrounded by the support to help you climb out of the abyss. every good wish……

  8. The sun is shining a little less over Ludlow during your illness Andy. I know we all look forward to your smile brightening up the place again. Best wishes mate for a healthy recovery. Bert.

  9. Andy, I am sorry, and hope the dark days will soon disappear. Do call in for tea or coffee if you are passing.
    Rosemary and Jonathan

  10. So sorry to hear of your depression, Andy. Unless you#ve been there you can’t imagine how dreadful and disabling it is. I’ll pray for you. Tessa.

  11. Keep holding on, Andy; while you wait for all this to pass, we are mentally holding your hand.

  12. Thank you for sharing this Andy. I go there too, but never have had the confidence to tell anyone. From you I have learned so much about how local government works – or doesn’t, I should really say – that you almost have me thinking I’d like to get involved. But depression/ lack of confidence sit and shout from the other shoulder. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and again, thank you. L

  13. Dear Andy,I’m so sorry to hear you are not well,and hope you will soon be feeling much better. You do a great job,and work hard for all of us,please take care to look after your own needs too. Very best wishes,Val Kle

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