Ludlow, as we know, has been prone to flooding over the years. For some while, we had a local flood forum but this stopped meeting after memories of the 2007 floods faded and the new unitary authority was established.

We are now proposing to re-establish a flood forum under the umbrella of the Ludlow and Clee Local Joint Committee. We will be holding an initial meeting on 19 April, 5pm at The Foyer, Marston’s Mill. Everyone is welcome.

The main purpose of the meeting will be re-establish the flood forum. We will be joined by Cecelia Motley, the cabinet member for rural communities and others with expertise in flooding. At this stage, I haven’t fixed the agenda. If you would like particular matters discussed at this or a subsequent meeting please let me know.

2 thought on “Ludlow Flood Forum – initial meeting 19 April”
  1. Hi Andy You probably already have these on your list, but just in case. 1). AN accessible storage area in Ludlow for sandbags, and a procedure for getting some taken around to locations of potentially vulnerable houses. When weather threatens. This might well have to be a volunteer group (!) 2). The fitting of removable door barriers to some properties, eg the Temeside cottages. These worked well in Clun, although as with all barriers, part of the problem is when water comes up behind them, up through the floor. Done by the Council? Done by house holders?, subsidy from Council? Payment is a whole different matter!

    3). The most important item is prevention. Short term, regular culvert clearing, dredging if needed and if possible. Longer term, make all new builds have properly permeable materials under the front drives, and parking areas. Is this a possibility? I’m not up to, date with regs on this subject.

    Hope you are feeling better. We all need you and your newsletters.

    Best wishes Elaine

    Elaine Bruce Director The Uk Centre for Living Foods 01584 875308


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