Many of you will have noticed the quiet conversion of the Wildwood at De Grey’s restaurant on Broad Street. The De Grey’s brand, loved by Ludlovians and tourists alike, has been removed. It’s a bit of our history being painted out of Ludlow by signwriters.

It seems there was some dispute over whether Wildwood was allowed to use the De Grey’s brand.

The building is rapidly losing its historic glory. My main concern is the loss of the unique De Grey’s sign that hung over Broad Street. It has been taken down for a makeover. I don’t have any details of what will happen to it. Any change will require both advertising consent and listed building consent. So far, neither consent has been applied for.

De Grey'sDe Grey’s in its heyday

160411_De_Greys_frontage_no_sign_cropped160411_De_Greys_frontageWildwood sans De Grey’s today

I am more than a little annoyed that the sign has been taken down before any application has been made for its replacement. I am rather concerned that we are losing one of the most important signs in Ludlow.

This is what Wildwood originally planned when it took over the property. It was a dreadful scheme and there is no way we would allow anything like this (I hope). But I do wonder what the restaurant chain is planning for the hanging sign.

De Greys as Wildwood 1000An early plan for Wildwood at De Grey’s

3 thought on “De Grey’s is no more – it’s a great loss for Ludlow”
  1. Please tell me Andy that the Wildwood proposal for their shopfront was a joke? I wonder what has happened to the De Grays sign – if it is not being used perhaps there is room for the town council to take hold of it and make use of it for a ‘civic’ café.


  2. If Wildwood’s use of the De Grey branding in Ludlow is being questioned it seems strange that they used it subsequently as part of their newer restaurant in Hereford’s Old Market shopping centre. Surely the latter has no relevance to De Grey or indeed Ludlow.

    1. Following a visit today, I can report that the De Grey branding on the Hereford restaurant building has been replaced with a logo which simply reads DELI.

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