Clarification from Purcell Developments

It appears that you have stated that we will be demolishing the Stables. This is not the case. We are looking to demolishing the more modern portion, but not the more historic element at the entrance to the site. We are proposing that we convert and refurbish this portion. In total, along this edge of the site there are 4 one bed cottages proposed. Two in the existing Stable block, and two new sympathetic ones.

Original article

We saw the third set of plans for redevelopment of the former council offices at Stone House yesterday. They bear no relationship to the previous schemes (15/05509/FUL).

The plans were revealed at the conservation committee and shortly afterwards, as the town council. I had an opportunity to discuss the scheme with the developers earlier.

For the new project, Purcell Developments have teamed up with Churchill Retirement, a company that currently has a controversial planning application for 66 sheltered apartments on Innage Lane, Bridgnorth. The Stone House proposal is unlikely to attract that level of controversy.

The plans are to demolish the 1989 office block at Stone House and replace it an L-shaped block of 40 retirement apartments on what looks like a slightly bigger footprint. The roof line will be stepped down towards the Grade II* listed Stone House on Corve Street.

The stable block and workshops at the entrance to the current car park will be demolished and replaced with four affordable housing units. These will be the same height as the current stable block.

The new scheme allows for a greater area of open space and more car parking.

The plans were well received by the town council and conservation committee. There was a feeling that some of the façade details were too fussy. Questions were also asked about access for fire vehicles and whether the car parking is adequate. But overall, councillors and committee members were supportive of the new proposals.

We should get full details of this scheme in the new few weeks. I will publish the plans as soon as I get them.

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