The outstanding application to build 25 houses at the former council office site on Corve Street has been withdrawn (15/05509/FUL). The plans had met heavy opposition from conservationists, the town council and residents. I made it clear I could not support the scheme as proposed.

The latest proposals are to build a retirement complex of forty apartments with four affordable units. As soon as a new application is published, I’ll let you know the details.

I think the emerging scheme is much better than the withdrawn application. But I recognise that it is yet another retirement scheme in Ludlow. A number of people have contacted me on Facebook and by email to express their concern. They say we seem to be able to build homes for the retired in our town but not homes for young people and their families.

This is a major issue for our town.

We can’t stop any individual development just by declaring this town is “getting too old”. National and local planning rules won’t allow that. The Stone House site is also one the best places I can think of to build a retirement community – its “sustainable development” in planning terms.

But we do need to look at the demographic balance in this town.

I love this town and its mix of people. But what are the gains and losses of becoming an older community? Does it even matter? Let’s begin that debate.

2 thought on “Update… The planning application for new housing at Stone House has been withdrawn”
  1. It seems to me the biggest problem in providing affordable housing for younger people is attracting developers who can access funding. Funding for retirement is easier as when those who are planning for their later years already have property that they would like to downsize from, releasing equity. Young people who need housing are on incomes where it is difficult to even raise a deposit themselves, without depending on “the bank of Mum and Dad. This a greater issue than just providing housing, we need to maintain a working community, especially in a rural area with low wages, with non existent bus services at the time they are required.

  2. ANDY Wrong format /article to ask the question however. an update on the computer spend .The voters were left in the dark yet again.

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