Update 13 July 2016

The applicant has withdrawn this application. It is unlikley that it would have gained approval from council planners.

Shropshire Council’s conservation team said the proposal would “introduce an incongruous and alien roof form that is not traditional” into the conservation area. I think that’s an understatement of the damage this proposal would have caused. I am glad to see the back of this appalling application.

Main article 23 June 2016

The Snicketts is a quiet pedestrian alley between Corve Street and Portcullis Lane. The converted industrial buildings form a pleasant group of properties and are much in keeping with the historic character of the area.

That may change if a roof garden is allowed.

An application has been submitted to remove the pitched roof of No. 2 and replace it with a roof garden, screened by a 1.6m high brick wall (16/02345/FUL). The two images below show the existing property and what is proposed.

I find this proposal really rather shocking.

2_Snicketts_current 2_Snicketts_roof_garden

My initial view is that this proposal is completely out of character with the Snicketts and Maltings. The roof garden is a visual intrusion into the historic landscape. I fear also that this could become a social intrusion, encouraging noisy activities at an elevated level on a quiet street.

I will delay formally commenting on this application until I hear from neighbours, the town’s conservation committee, Shropshire Council’s conservation team and Ludlow Town Council.

Please let me know your views.

3 thought on “Roof garden bid for the Snicketts, Ludlow, is out of place – updated”
  1. Maybe the little bungalow doesn’t have a garden? We all appreciate some greenery and a place for some pots of herbs and flowers. In Italy many buildings have little spaces filled with plants and flowers,balconies and rooftops – most people live in flats, the greenery improves the surroundings for everyone. Personally i would prefer a lower wall with trellis and clmbers but that’s just my green views coming to the fore….

  2. Would the owner grow climbers in pots up the wall instead. I suppose he wants flat roof on which to sit out looking into other gardens perhaps? It looks a horrid scheme for Ludlow. I suggest the owner moves elsewhere where his scheme would fit in.

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