Today, the Future Fit project to reorganise health services in Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin stumbled to the edge of collapse. The two Clinical Commissioning Groups involved in the project have said David Evans has left his key role with immediate effect.

Tracey Huffer says:

“This is a real shocker. Future Fit has been in chaos almost from the outset. We have spent three years and many millions of pounds getting precisely nowhere.

“The people managing Future Fit have come and gone. There has been no stability. No continuity of thought. Legal action has been threatened by Telford and Wrekin Council. Meetings have been planned and cancelled at very short notice.

“Health services are under unprecedented pressure. That’s especially true here in Shropshire. We live a rural area that doesn’t have the budget for the sort of provision you get in cities.

“The big question is where do we go from here. At the moment we are going nowhere. I really fear that the NHS will parachute in a team of outsiders. They will make decisions that will ignore all the local consultations. Their only interest will be getting costs down to a bare minimum. That will mean that people in rural areas will have to travel much further to be treated. Many of them will not get the treatment they need because it is so far away.

“Future Fit has been a perfect storm of bad events. It is likely to sink without a trace in the next few months. I fear for the future of our health services in Shropshire.”

3 thought on “Fiasco drowns NHS Future Fit project: “Future Fit has been a perfect storm of bad events””
  1. It really is Criminal How much money is Wasted that could be used so prudently with wise and wisdom . This town has residents who rely on Charity to feed themselves whilst millions are wasted as suggested in the article to use a rather vulgar abbreviated modern expression WTF…

  2. Apart from anything else no one seems in the least embarrassed about the mayhem they have created, the money they have wasted and the threat they have created to the future health and wellbeing of Shropshire’s population. As we all know it is the government’s starvation of the NHS which is at the heart of the problem but where are the managers and clinicians of integrity in Shropshire who willing to come out and speak the truth. Even Philip Dunne speaking at the recent meeting organised by the Town Council admitted that we in the UK are spending something close to a fifth less on our health service than many other countries in Europe; just check the figures out on google.

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