Is Ludlow an ivory tower? “Yes” says Guardian cartoonist, Martin Rowson

I am a great fan of Round Britain Quiz on BBC Radio 4. It is one of those quizzes where you scratch your head cluelessly but every now again get the answer ahead of the contestants.

I was reminded of the quiz on Friday, when @EnglishFolkfan alerted me to a cartoon in the Guardian. Having looked at the cartoon, I can imagine Tom Sutcliffe asking the question:

What links an Illinois town named after a Native American tribe with the capital of Saudi Arabia and a seaside resort on France’s Basque coast famed for its luxury hotels and surfing?

The answer is Ludlow. At least in the world of Guardian cartoonist, Martin Rowson. He has accused us Ludlovians of living in an ivory tower along with the good or otherwise folk of Peoria in Illinois, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and Biarritz on France’s Basque coast.

See the full cartoon

Is Rowson right? Should Ludlow be linked with these towns? Vote below.

Teased on Twitter, Rowson said:


I acknowledged the honour.


Do we live in an ivory tower? There is an element of truth in this. Sometimes I feel Ludlow can talk at length at the expense of acting with expediency. That certainly reminds me of my days in the ivory towers of universities. But we are also a workaday town, loving the beauty of rural life, while tackling the challenges our remoteness presents.

But is Martin Rowson correct? Do we Ludlow people live in an ivory tower? Vote now…