As usual, kerbside collection dates have been changed over Christmas and the New Year. The one to watch out for is that next Monday’s collection of waste and recyclables has been brought forward to this coming Saturday. Remember you can now put out cardboard in the blue bag – so that’s an excuse to open Christmas presents early. You can also recycle your Christmas tree, though please do not put any drummers drumming in your green bin, especially if you get 12 of them as a gift.

Black bins and recycling boxes that would normally be emptied next Monday, 26 December will now be collected two days earlier on Saturday, 24 December. You can also put out the blue bag with cardboard, paper and magazines, also junk mail. At last, someone has found a use for junk mail! The collection is sadly a bit early to put out the TV Times that you felt compelled to buy and all those Christmas cards. (Full blue bag list).

Christmas cards with glitter, plastic-coated holograms, or shiny foil cannot be recycled. Please put these in the back bin. Used batteries should be put in a clear plastic bag and put out on top of one of the recycling boxes.

For those parts of the town that get collections on a Tuesday, the waste and recycling trucks will be arriving a day later than usual on Wednesday, 28 December.

Different arrangements are in place for the New Year. Green bin collections due on Monday, 2 January will be a day later on Tuesday, 3 January. Those due on Tuesday, 3 January will also be a day later on Wednesday, 4 January.

Remember you can put food waste in the green bin – including those heaps of brussel sprouts you purchased in a fit of nostalgia for childhood Christmases. But you must use compostable bags. You can get these online. Shropshire Council recommends but at 19p a bag (delivered) that’s rather pricey. Tesco often sells the bags and you can get deals on shopping sites like Amazon and eBay.

Natural Christmas trees will also be collected on your garden waste day. Trees should be cut into pieces shorter than than 5ft and left either beside or within the green bin.  For each tree recycled, Veolia will donate money to charity.

The same applies to a partridge in a pear tree – though you may wish first to roast the partridge at gas mark 7 amid shallots, adding crispy bacon and red wine. Pop slices of pear into the juices just before serving.

Unfortunately, lords a leaping are not currently recycled – 10 won’t fit in the bin. Piping pipers will be considered a noise nuisance. You will get a visit from Shropshire Council’s public protection team if you squeeze them into your green bin.

Golden rings and maids a milking should be delivered to my home address and I will deal them appropriately. Please contact the RSPCA for how to deal with swans a swimming, geese a laying, French hens and turtle doves.

From Monday 9 December, collection arrangements – and possibly my blog – will return to normal.

Have a good Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Full list of seasonal collection dates.

2 thought on “You can now recycle a partridge in a pear tree (also Christmas and New Year recycling dates in Ludlow)”
  1. Thank you,Andy, for all your advice about what to do with…..! I laughed out loud.
    A very Merry Christmas to you and I hope you take delivery of plenty of rings and maids.

  2. Many thanks Andy, for that priceless variation on a well-known tune. and for your wonderful care of this town every day of the year. Messages have been sent to the 12 drummers to take up station outside the planning officer’s window at 3 am promptly on Christmas morning. The nine ladies will be with you as soon as the maids a milking are seen to leave.

    All my good wishes for Christmas 2017

    Val Quinn

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