Shropshire Council will debate its council tax level for 2017/18 on Thursday. It is proposing to increase council tax by 3.99% – of which 2% will be specifically for adult social care.

Here are the proposed council tax demands from April.

These figures are inclusive of charges from Shropshire Council, Ludlow Town Council, and police and fire services.

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s office is not increasing its precept for the next financial year. Shropshire & Wrekin Fire Authority is putting its charge up by 0.5%. Across the county, parish and town councils are raising their precepts by an average of 5.77%. Here in Ludlow the rise in precept is 24%.

In percentage terms, the Ludlow Town Council rise is by far from the largest. The parish of Moreton Corbett & Lee Brockhurst is raising its precept by 194% but that only takes its precept to £11.86 a year.

Our town council’s precept is facing the third largest increase in cash terms. We will be paying an extra £26.09 a year. Only Bishop’s Castle is imposing a bigger increase – £68.50 taking its precept to £171.27, the highest in the county.

Ludlow is not the most expensive town council in the county. Here are Band D rates for the 13 market towns in Shropshire.

Ludlow’s local taxes – Shropshire Council, police, fire and town council – have gone up by 7% since 2011/12.


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