Tracey Huffer, councillor for Ludlow East, is welcoming an application by Ludlow Town Council for a tree protection order on three trees on a green between Sidney Road and Charlton Rise in Ludlow. She is also asking for information about the planting of the trees, which are believed to have been paid for by local residents.

Last October, one of the trees on the green was cut down without notice by Shropshire Housing Group (SHG). A second tree was saved after intervention by Tracey and the councillor for Ludlow North, Andy Boddington. At the time, SHG said its aim was to reduce maintenance costs to its tenants on Sidney Road. Now it has submitted proposals to cut down a second tree and build seven bungalows on the green space.

After being contacted by Ludlow Town Council, Shropshire Council issued an interim tree preservation order (TPO) last Friday, 7 April. The order, which lasts for six months, protects the remaining three trees on the green. They are Norway Maples, a tree very similar to the common sycamore.

Tracey says:

“It is good news that an interim TPO is now in place. We don’t want of repeat of what happened last October when a tree was cut down without any notice or consultation with residents.

“I have had recent conversations with residents of Sidney Road. They tell me that when the bungalows were built, the Mayor of Ludlow asked if they would like to club together to buy the trees that were planted on the green.

“It seems that these trees may not be the property of the housing association. I’d really like to hear from residents if they know anything more about the history of the trees.

“This development is going to be very controversial. We have a desperate need for more bungalows in Ludlow. But many people will oppose the loss of much of the green and the felling of another tree. We need the fullest debate before Shropshire Council decides whether or not to approve the development.

“I’ll be consulting with nearby residents and I would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion about the proposed development.”

One thought on “Welcome for temporary tree protection order for trees planted by residents on Sidney Road”
  1. How come Adrian Kibbler and his Merry Men are not creating an almighty stink over this one !!!!!!!¬ ( remember Whitcliffe ?? )
    ……. just to build houses ….maybe / perhaps !!!!

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