Nominations for candidates for the general election closed Thursday night. Here in Ludlow, four candidates are standing. Philip Dunne will bat for the Conservatives. Julia Buckley is standing for Labour. Hilary Wendt is the Green candidate. Heather Kidd will represent the Liberal Democrats.

2 thought on “Four candidates standing for general election in Ludlow constituency”
  1. Any one up for a Progressive Alliance? The parties are reluctant to co-operate officially so it would need to be a voter led initiative. Have a look at what the Sussex Progressives have been up to for inspiration.
    Andy’s graph shows it’s a tough challenge but you never know…..

  2. I think it’s time to swing behind the Liberals. Whatever past voting habits and liking for other candidates it’s the only hope of defeating the tories. It would be horrible to have a majority voting non-tory but they still get in and the success of the Liberals in Ludlow recently is a good indicator of how to vote.

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